5 Leading Telltale Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your House Gutters

Your home’s gutters may deteriorate with age, much like your roof. Even though most gutter systems can last 20 years or more, gutter replacement is sometimes necessary. In case you are uncertain about the indicators to consider for replacement or repair, here are five signs that your gutters might be nearing the end of their life.

1. Corroded and Have Holes

Rust and holes reduce gutters’ effectiveness in shielding your house and roof from precipitation. But you can remedy minor cracks if they are just a few. Similarly, you can paint over small patches of rust. Significant rust indicates structural weakness. Consider replacement if you notice massive rust patches or numerous holes. Angi estimates that the cost per linear foot for replacing only a portion of your gutter system will be between $4 and $30. A full replacement typically costs about $1,900.

2. Sagging

Over time, gutters deteriorate due to various factors, including storm damage, falling trees, and normal wear and tear. According to Angi, you should aim to clean your guttersΒ at least once or twice a year. However, you will need to do this task more frequently if numerous tall trees are close to your roof. Gutters lose their ability to function when they buckle, sag, or pull away from the house. When you see these signs, it could be time to get a replacement quote from a professional.Β 

3. Water Damage Along the Exterior of Your House

On a dry, sunny day, take a few minutes to inspect the areas beneath your gutters for mildew or peeling paint – signs that indicate water damage. Water damage can indicate a leak or overflow in your gutter system. While the gutters are prone to wear and tear that may affect the paint, if the gutters don’t remove water, it will cause standing water. As a result, the paint will peel away from the gutter surfaces. If leaves and other debris are clogging your gutters, they may leak. 

4. Poor Draining or Leaking

While it’s possible to check for water damage on a sunny day, there are occasions when it’s easier to verify the functionality of your gutters during a downpour. Pay attention to where your gutters drain, and keep an eye out for leaks. Water should flow away from, not toward, your home’s foundation. If water gathers around drainage points, it might be time to call an expert.

5. Mold Growth and Basement Flooding

Malfunctioning gutters mainly cause basement flooding. Water can enter your crawlspace or basement if gutters fail to do their job. If you notice leaks or mold growth, it could be a sign that your gutters are not effectively draining the water from your house. Since this kind of damage can be expensive, you should replace your gutters and handle the problem before it worsens.


Gutter systems are essential components of both your roof and house. They help maintain the integrity of your foundation and landscape by diverting water from your home. When the gutters’ life is almost over, they can no longer function as intended. If you put off replacing your gutters, you can see water damage to your siding, flooding in your basement, and other issues. You should consider gutter replacement if you notice any of the above five signs. 

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