What Is The Best Time Of The Year For Remodeling Your Asphalt Roof?

When we think about home renovation and remodels, we think about the walls, plumbing, electric lines and the outside of a house. We rarely stop to think about the roof and redoing it when we work on renovation projects. That is why most homeowners do not think about repairing or replacing their roofs until the last minute. Ironically, the roofs take the brunt of harsh weather conditions including the snow and the sleet in the winters and the scorching heat of the summers, but since it shields us perfectly from the elements of nature, we usually go for years without paying any attention to its needs.

What Is The Best Time Of The Year For Remodeling Your Asphalt Roof?

Why is it necessary to find the right time for replacing and repairing your roof?

Asphalt shingle roofs usually have a lifespan of about 20 to 25 years. They are the sturdiest of all roofs, and they are cost-effective as well. The longevity of your roof will depend upon the number of layers of asphalt shingles your roof has, the ventilation installed and the regular cleanup of debris and ice dams. When your shingles begin to curl and buckle, it is time for you to think about investing in some repair work. If you have been ignoring these signs, it might already be time for a roof replacement. Replacing your roof is going to be a significant financial decision. When the daylight manages to squeeze in through the roof boards, and there are shingle granules in the gutters, you should stop thinking and just give Precision Roofing Supplies a call for a consultation.

You must have already heard about the effects temperature, humidity and precipitation can have during roof installation. Your friends must have told you about the dream deals you can get during the off-seasons of roofing. However, a first-time homeowner needs significant help when choosing a time of the year for their asphalt roof replacement. It is true. The season can decide the price of the supplies and services and get you lucrative discounts on your new roof. The busiest time for leading roofing companies throughout the country is late summer and early fall. Sometimes, the homeowners have to wait for up to a month before hearing back from service during these seasons. After the summer, the weather becomes more predictable than most of the year, and it helps the roofers complete their job on time.

What is the ideal time for remodeling your roof?

Since these are the peak time for all roofers, the pricing is a problem for the homeowners. The busiest time comes with the steepest prices. Most roofers wait until summer to increase their costs almost every year. So, if you want to get competitive pricing, you might want to take advantage of the bleak weather and get your roof replacement by the end of winter. Roofers tend to prefer drier months to keep the indoors dry and clean while the work is going on. If that is not a headache for you, then you can always call the roofers in the middle of the winter for a survey and an estimate.

Roof replacement during the winter

One of the most significant advantages of working with a roofing company during the winter is that you can pick from more or less any reputed company. The rush is almost non-existent, and nearly all expert roofers sit in their offices waiting for the call. Moreover, you will be able to avoid the summer price hike if you call them before April 1. Always remember to work with trustworthy manufacturers of roofing supplies since the guarantees and warranties of these supplies should not change based on weather or temperature.

Moreover, you are more likely to find attractive discounts on the supplies at all departmental stores and hardware sections during the winters. One of the biggest challenges you will face while installing asphalt shingles is the completion of the thermal sealing. It can take up to several days and weeks when the temperatures are as low as 38-degrees outside. Winter months bring unpredictable weather for the greater part of the state. Homeowners should never push their repair work until the months of winter if they have other options.

Replacement of the roof in summer months

Summer is quite ideal for replacing asphalt shingles. That is one of the leading reasons it is so difficult to find a roofer to repair or restore your shingle roof in a short-term notice. You might have to wait for weeks or even months before a widely popular roofing company can squeeze you into their schedule. You will have to fight hundreds of other homeowners, and that will be a costly fight too! During the summer and post-summer months, the prices of roofing services are the highest due to the steep competition. During the summer, you will need to get the best roofers and not someone off Craigslist. The shingles are likely to be as smooth as butter, and the nail gun can cause irreparable damage. Only expert hands can complete the roofing task without incurring added expenses. Roofing in summer months is all about planning. With enough plan, you should be able to book the best service in your locality for amicable prices. So, unless this summer is an unusually humid and wet one, you can go along with your roof replacement plan without looking back.

Roof works in the spring

Spring is the time for flowers to bloom and butterflies to spread their wings, and it is also time for all the winter snow to melt! If your roof was already showing signs of deterioration during the early fall, you might as well give the roofers a call in the winter instead of waiting for spring. Although it is off-season and you are most likely to get the best discounts, most dilapidated roofs do not tolerate the ice dams and melting snow very well during the spring seasons. You can only afford to do roof work in the springtime if the repair needs are low and there are minor cracks and leaks in the shingles. Water and roof shingles are not best friends. If you can afford the expenses, complete your roof renovation by the beginning of fall. Even the winter months are better than spring if the weather awards you with a few sunny days. Remember to stay close to the climate report on TV before booking your roofers. Do not leave significant repair and replacement work post-winter months since the melting snow makes it impossible for even the most expert roofers to work correctly and deliver the best results.

Replacing your roof in the fall

The fall is one of the best seasons to complete your roof work. The weather is ideal for all kinds of roof repair and rework. Builders also prefer this time of the year since it is dry, crisp and it allows natural drying of the shingles. The shingles set and seal effectively during this time. They will also be ready by the winter when the snow and the sleet come crashing down. When the temperature is between 45-degrees and 85-degrees, it is the ideal time for giving your favorite roofers a call. Fall might be the best time for installation of new roofs, but this fact is not a secret to homeowners. Hence, you might find it difficult to find an appointment with the roofers unless you plan. If you are planning on a roof remodel or repair this fall, start preparing in the summer months. Get your estimate and gather your resources. Make the appointments in advance, so you can clear a day or two in advance when the time comes to meet with the roofing company.

What many homeowners do not realize is roofs need regular inspections and small repair works. You should not wait for small leaks and gaps to arise in the shingles to call your roofer. Sometimes, clearing out the debris immediately after a storm or cleaning out the ice after a week of snow can help prevent hundreds’ worth damage to your roof. Cleaning the gutters and taking care of the decking are necessary chores you must commit to every month. Apart from meeting the minor repair and cleaning needs from time to time, you should not have to worry about a major overhaul of your roof in two decades from the installation date. However, the process of installation, the quality of shingles and other raw materials used and the number of layers of asphalt shingles will determine the longevity of your new roof.

Even the best of the best roofs in the city require replacement. No home is an exception. However, the houses in regions that experience extreme climates are more prone to wear and tear off shingles and tiles. If you live in an area that experiences extreme heat during the summer months and dreadfully cold winters, you might want to take another look at your roof’s health. If you have no idea where to start, call an expert roofer, who can give you a first free consultation or a free survey along with an estimate for repair. Getting periodic surveys and estimates will help you prepare for the more significant expenses, and even reduce these expenditures in the long run.

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