Why Do You Need Experienced Plumbers For Drain Cleaning?

Cleaning the drain is perhaps one of the most important messy jobs in a home or office, or a public property, which no one would love to dip hands into and take the feel unless compelled to. But you need not do so if you have a dependable, good plumbing service nearby. Cleaning a drain is not just those few words and that simple that you pour a cleaning solvent inside the drain pipes, and things get shining clean and fresh in some time. There are lots of problems, hurdles, and hard work, planning, and precautions to be taken to undertake such projects. Even if it’s as simple as cleaning a toilet or kitchen drain off a small house, you still need expert hands to get through it without any mess which can be later become more unhygienic and problematic to handle. The right person to help you is a plumber who is professional, certified, experienced, and comes from a reliable and reputed plumbing service.

Drain Cleaning

Why is drain cleaning unhygienic if you do this on your own?

Drain cleaning is a job, which must be done by maintaining extreme hygiene. Hygiene is important because drains contain filthy dirt, grease, and both solid and liquid waste with moss inside. And this waste can contain many harmful germs and bacteria which breeds in the slime of the dirt. Hence, drains are unhygienic, brings on the stain on clean clothes, give pungent choking odors, and also can give you a bad experience of handling dirt you were not prepared to. Even after that, when you still attempt this cleaning, you will have to be ready to handle cleaners and solvents which are strong, containing chemicals and antibacterial agents, etc. This will create some pungent, strong and corrosive fumes too, and will also give your exposed body parts a feeling of skin irritation, nasal passage irritation, eye irritation, etc.

Therefore, all the body parts containing squamous epithelium will react to strong cleaning agents due to the emitted fumes and vapors. And this also is a bad side of cleaning drains when you have inadequate equipment like masks, gloves, caps, aprons, cleaning brushes, mops, etc. After the cleaning you also need hand and feet sanitizing antibacterial solutions which only professional plumbers would carry to clean themselves after a successful drain cleaning session.

Drain cleaning by plumbers

A plumber is a right person to clean your drains. That’s because the plumber has the expertise, know-how, experience, and the right tools to handle the project. Drain cleaning and removing clogs and blocks in drains and pipes can be a big project or a small one. And an experienced plumber will always have the answer to a project any sized when it’s about removing a block in the drain, cleaning the drain, etc.

How an experienced plumber makes a difference?

An experienced plumber is a great person to recruit for a drain cleaning job because one of the most vital components for detecting a drain blockage is available only with an expert plumber. This is a camera fitted block detection pipe, which is flexible and easily gets into any drain and reaches blocks, and shows on the monitor with the plumber what the status inside the drain is. This is a sophisticated tool, which needs to be handled with knowledge and care. And experienced professionals with many ideas of drain block detection and handling the fix handle such tools the best. Sometimes the reason for the block is the accumulation of solid waste. Sometimes the block is created by a collapsed portion of the pipe where the walls of the pipe got pushed against each other to collapse and narrow the channel too much. It may also happen that root from any surrounding tree got inside the pipe, and it happens in case of very old constructions and earthen pipes generally, where roots may get inside and attract solid waste to cling on to form the block.

Solid waste again can be of many types. Human hair is one of the main components of solid waste that creates a block. More than 70% of the drain blocks are created by clumped up human hair. Other solid wastes like tissue paper, bits, and pieces of sanitary napkins and such things also form a block badly. With dirt and grease, they form a sticky, gluey matter that obstructs the passage of drain water.

How does the plumber determine the course of action?

The plumber will see what kind of block is there in the drain, see the extent of the passage of water, if the block is partial or total, and accordingly will determine how the block will be handled. Various forms of operation may have to be performed to remove a block based on how deep inside the pipe it is. A close block can be cleaned with scraping with a cleaning tool. But a distant block can be removed by strong solvents which first softens the grease and glue in the block clump, and then by ultrasound vibrations or deep scraping tools. If there is a tree root causing the block, then the root must be cut, and of leaving it that way solves the problem then there remains no more need to disturb the drain pipe. Else, if needed the drain pipe will be broken and repaired.

Smashed and broken drain pipes must be cleaned, and new pipes must be installed. And all this fall under the domain of a plumber only. That is why, you must see to it that you get a good plumber to work on the drain block problem, detect things at one go, give you the right price estimate for the solution, and works on time to fix the problem without delay. Here at https://a1plumbers.com/drain-cleaning/, you will get a vivid idea of how plumbers work on clogged drains.


You deserve a clean kitchen, toilet and wash basin area, where there will be no clogged drain, and sewage water reversal due to the clogged state. You deserve to stay in a healthy fresh environment, and only an experienced, reliable plumber can assure a total fix for such a problem at the best rate within the right time.

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