5 Must-Have Tips For Applying Sunscreen Spray For Face

Now that my skin is more mature it needs a moisturizer with spf and I LOVE the Lexli sunscreen spray for face. It is spf15 so your face will be moisturized, without burning. It’s not just for the face, though. It can be used everywhere on the body, but it is formulated to be safe for and work well on the face (avoiding your eyes). It is 93% of UVB rays and is water- and perspiration-resistant.

Lexli Sunscreen Spray With SPF 15: Sunscreen Spray For Face

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You may be asking if SPF 15 is enough?

Well, yes, most likely, it is. I thought I knew what the SPF (sun protection factor) was and how it worked but I was way off! I thought the higher the SPF the more harmful rays it blocked. Like, I thought SPF 100 would give me all the protection. WRONG! That’s not it at all!

Actually, the number after SPF, in this case 15, means how long beyond your natural sun protection, the product will work against UVB rays, by multiplying that 15 by how long you can normally stay in the sun before burning. For example, I can only be in the sun around 20 minutes without sunscreen before I burn. (sometimes less that that!) So, in my example, I’d take my 20 minutes and multiply that by 15 (SPF 15). 20 x 15 =300. That means, with this SPF 15 sunscreen, I’d get approx 300 minutes of sun protection. You do need to factor in sweating, swimming, etc and reapply before that 300 minutes is up. I like to go no more than 80 minutes, personally.
They have a great article here that explains it all in more detail.

Tips For Applying Sunscreen Spray For Face

1.) Apply 20 minutes before going out. Your sunscreen spray needs to be applied at least 20 minutes before sun exposure to be effective. It needs time to absorb and set in place.

2.) Did you know that experts recommend the equivalent of a 1-ounce shot glass when applying your sunscreen for most adults? I probably use more than that because I’m a ghost who burns super easily! I tend to burn, peel and freckle. And that’s it. lol

🡇 Pretend the following gif is sunscreen being poured m’kay? 🡇

3.) Using a spray? Rub it in! Most folks don’t know that you still need to rub in spray sunscreen. Spraying, alone, doesn’t cover everywhere it needs to go or allow it to all absorb. You need to rub it in gently.

4.) Reapply every 2 hours, at least. This is a must for adequate sun protection. Sunscreen doesn’t last on your skin forever. It does eventually sweat off, rub off, wear off, etc. And it’s only effective for up to 2 hours so you need to reapply it if you’re going to be outdoors and immediately after swimming. Just because it is water and sweat resistant doesn’t mean it keeps its full effectiveness or that it doesn’t dissipate some. Water resistant doesn’t mean fully waterproof.

5.) Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Broad-Spectrum means that your sunscreen will protect against both UVA AND UVB rays. UVA rays are the bad ones that harm your skin even if you don’t get a sunburn. They damage cells and cause aging and even skin cancer. So you want a sunscreen that is going to protect you against both, expecially UVA.


Use a sunscreen spray on your scalp! I can’t tell you the number of times my oldest daughter has sunburned the part in her hairline. She burns even quicker than I do. So, now, she wears a big, floppy hat when she’s going to be in the sun but also sprays a broad-spectrum sunscreen on her hairline on top and around her hair. We have all started doing that. In the past, we just thought to apply sunscreen on exposed skin, never thinking about the top of our head! You don’t really ever look there so it’s kind of an “out of sight and out of mind” kind of thing.


Wear sunglasses with both UVA/UVB protection as well! You need to protect your eyes as well as your skin!

Lexli Sunscreen Spray With SPF 15

My favorite brand of Spray Sunscreen for face and body is Lexli. I’ll tell you more about it below. It is fabulous

About Lexli Sunscreen Spray For Face And body

Lexli Sunscreen Spray for Face and Body provides long-lasting, full-spectrum UV protection in a convenient spray applicator. Featuring a soothing base of aloe vera together with SPF 15 and moisturizing ingredients, this lightweight and non-comedogenic product leaves skin feeling hydrated and comfortable while protecting against 93% of UVB rays.

Lexli Sunscreen Spray for face is appropriate for all skin types, including normal, combination, dry, oily, acne-prone and sensitive.

It has a light, mild scent. In fact, I’m in love with the fragrance and y’all know I don’t do well with fragrances! It has a mild sunscreen scent so it smells like summer!

It is incredibly lightweight and doesn’t leave greasy residue. I do feel a little slip left on my fingers after rubbing it in but nothing super greasy or oily and nothing on my face, at all. It contains pharmaceutical grade aloe vera and is very moisturizing.

I especially love using it on my face as my daily moisturizer with spf, when I travel. I use the Lexli Tone & Balance as my makeup primer after using this as my moisturizer, and my face feels great! My makeup goes on so much smoother than using serum and moisturizer alone. So, this stays in my travel makeup bag.

Yes, I have my daily makeup bag and then another bag of travel makeup. I tend to only do a full face, these days, when we travel so I save all my fancy makeup and favorite products for those times. 😁

When going out or traveling, I apply my serum if needed for dry skin, and do a spritz of Sunscreen Spray, lightly pat that into my face and let it dry followed by the Tone & Balance. I pat that in and let it dry then apply my foundation. I use this powder foundation. After that I do my eyebrows. I just darken them a little where they’ve gotten thinner and shape them a little.

Then I apply a little bronzer as contour to my cheekbones, a little highlighter and blush. Then my eye-shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Next, I put on a little lip tint and lip balm just to give a little color. Lastly, I give another light spritz of Tone & Balance to set my makeup. My Sunscreen Spray goes into my bag so I can reapply throughout the day. Even if I’m wearing makeup. It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly so I just spray some on and pat it into my skin.

This sunblock is paraben free and kid friendly. All Lexli products are Leaping Bunny certified.

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Lexli Sunscreen Spray With SPF 15

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