5 Practical Holiday Gifts Your Partner Will Love

Buying gifts for your partner can be a real challenge. Since he’s one of the most important men in your life, you want to make sure you get him something special.

Maybe at this point, you’re fresh out of ideas, having gone through the classic staples like ties, cufflinks, and bottles of cologne. Perhaps you’ve even tried asking him what he’d like for a birthday or an anniversary, only to be met with a shrug or an I-don’t-know. And now that the holidays are just around the corner, you may again find yourself hard-pressed to figure out what he’ll genuinely love.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect present for your beau, consider a practical approach. Giving your partner an item he can use might not seem very glamorous, but it’s an especially thoughtful way to show you care. Peep the list below for some genuinely helpful holiday gift ideas your man will be delighted to have with him every day of the year.

5 Practical Holiday Gifts Your Partner Will Love


Some say that the older you get, the more you appreciate receiving a good set of socks, and we’re inclined to agree. Because most people use them every day and for all sorts of different activities, you can never have too many pairs.

Luckily, as far as gifts go, they’re relatively inexpensive. What’s more, socks are made in such a variety of lengths, textures, and designs that you’re sure to find a pair that feels especially personal for your man.

Looking for something extra-soft and comfortable that he can wear all through a long day at work? Try a pair of crew socks in his favorite color. Dating an athlete or an exercise buff? Give him some quality sports socks to let him know you’re in his corner.


A man’s wallet is one of those essential items he’s guaranteed to never leave home without. If yours is the sentimental sort, consider giving him a personalized wallet he can always remember you by. Many makers of leather goods, for instance, also offer engraving services. Decorate the outside of the wallet with his name or initials, or perhaps surprise him with a little love note on the inside flap.

If your partner isn’t the sappy kind, he may instead appreciate a wallet that goes the extra mile to keep his cash and cards safe. You’ll find many slim wallets on the market that are lined with RFID technology to protect the cards inside from illegal scanning. You can also consider survival wallets made of extra-durable materials if you want something that, like your relationship, will truly stand the test of time.

Wireless Earbuds

Give your guy the gift of convenience with a handy pair of wireless earphones. These little gadgets are wildly popular these days for the simple, hands-free listening experience they afford. Without any cumbersome cords to get in the way, they’re also super easy to pack and store—perfect for a man on the go.

Earphone technology has come a long way in recent years, so choose a pair of earbuds with features your partner will appreciate. Would he benefit from superior sound quality, noise cancellation, the longest possible battery life, or a customizable fit? You name it, and retailers will surely have a model that ticks all the boxes that your partner cares about.

Back Massager

As much as you might like to, you can’t be around to give your boyfriend soothing back rubs every single time he feels tired or stressed out. You can, however, give him an automatic massager and let it take care of all his little aches and pains in your stead.

You’ll find massager models on the market these days that target all sorts of areas on the body, so be sure to choose one that can properly address his problem spots. Many massagers also come with gentle heating functions to relax the muscles and help with pain relief. With one of these, he’s sure to feel the warmth of your love even when you’re physically apart.


Is your partner finally going back to work after long months spent working from home? Or is he an outdoorsman who’s already planning his next big adventure? Now that most places have begun to re-open, consider celebrating this return to normal by giving him a quality backpack.

A good bag is a buy-for-life kind of item, so be sure to pick something made of sturdy, weatherproof materials. Look for a versatile, durable design that he can just as easily use on a hike as on a long commute. Secure straps and closures are practical pluses. He’ll appreciate having a reliable bag to safely store his belongings in, and he’ll be sure to think of you every time he brings the backpack wherever he goes.

Practical presents might not be fancy or overtly romantic, but they send the message that you pay attention to your partner’s needs. By providing him with things he can use in his day-to-day, you’re showing that you care about making his life easier. The best part is that he’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness every time he sees your gift. What could be sweeter than that?

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