Engrave Color Photos Inside Your Locket With Pictures On Gold

I remember when I was a little girl and my mom bought me a heart shaped locked for Christmas. She had the hardest time finding and cutting photos to fit inside. When my oldest daughter asked for a locket with a photo of Clay and our dog, Jasper, I cringed at the thought. Then I learned about Pictures On Gold and how they do lasering of photos inside the locket. SOLD!

I actually ended up receiving a complimentary locket as a thank you for sharing on our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide as a member of Us Family Guide. It was perfect timing! I’m going to share my thoughts with you on the locket I received.

Pictures On Gold Sterling Silver 2-Picture Heart Locket

The process of lasering the photo into the locket is exclusive to Pictures on Gold. I had used  Pictures On Gold’s lasering process once before on a bracelet I ordered with a photo of Clay and me. And I loved it. I wasn’t so sure that they could do it inside a heart shaped locket but, boy, was I surprised!

I ordered a sterling silver 2-picture heart locket with a 16 inch sterling silver Singapore chain and sapphire. I chose the chain that was recommended during ordering as being able to really hold up and withstand a lot of wearing.

This locket is sterling silver and really smooth and pretty. On the frontside, I had her initials engraved. We love monograms here in the south so that was a must! 😀 You can also add engraved messages.

Then, on the inside, I chose a photo of Clay and one of Jasper that had a white/light background so their outline would really pop in the locket. They turned our perfect!

Pictures On Gold Sterling Silver 2-Picture Heart Locket

The lockets are waterproof, scratchproof and come with a lifetime guarantee!

I haven’t given this to our daughter, yet, and I really hope she doesn’t stumble across this post before then. I want it to be a Christmas gift. So I can’t give her reaction but, as her mom, I know she is going to love it. It is exactly what she asked for. I know I’d love to have it! I can’t wait to see her reaction when she opens her locket with her dad and pup inside and see that it is literally a laser photograph made inside the locket!

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This item is featured on our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

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