5 Rainy Day Activities For You And Your Kids

We have had so much rain in Kentucky this summer. When I was a little girl I loved rainy days. It’s not that I liked being cooped up inside all day, but it gave me a chance to spend bonus time with my mom. It sort of forced her to slow down and do things with me. She didn’t really know many rainy day activities for kids so we had to make ideas up as we went along. It worked. I think that life just gets so hectic sometimes that we need those moments to make us stop and focus on something else. Especially in this tech-hectic world.

We have 4 kids and a small home so being stuck inside can really cause some turmoil. The kids get bored. I am usually working online. It is so easy to let them turn to technology when the fussing starts. But I don’t want my kid to think they have to rely on video games or TV to keep them entertained. I want them to still be active even on the rainiest of days. So I sat down and compiled a list of some of the things I loved to do as a kid, on those dreery, wet days. You know, back in the stone age before there was the internet!

And you can get involved too! Put away the smartphone and turn off the computer or tablet for a few hours when there’s a downpour. Spend some time with the kids. If you don’t have kids, it doesn’t matter! You can still have fun and act like a kid on a rainy day!

Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Here are my 5 Rainy Day Activities For You And Your Kids:

  1. Tell stories around the “campfire”

Gather up some comfy pillows and blankets and place them in a circle on the floor. Use a battery operated candle as the campfire or better yet, if you have one of those Halloween flaming cauldrons, use that! Sit in a circle and take turns telling stories. You can also start a story and then go around the circle letting the next person take a turn adding to it. Don’t forget to make some Microwave S’Mores!

  1. Make up silly songs.

I come from a musical family. My grandmother and one of my uncles played guitar. My mom taught her self to play guitar and had a gorgeous singing voice. I sing a little and can play the radio. Wait, that’s not an instrument. Anyway, we really love music in my family. Including my kids. My daughters and I make up parodies to almost every song we hear. It’s funny how a tune to a song can set the stage for your current activities. Go ahead, make your day into a musical! We do it all the time! Seriously, like, every day. I live in one giant musical.

  1. Do a paint by number or color by number

So you remember those? I haven’t done one in forever but I know that they still make them. If you’re doing this with the kids, give each child a color or two and have them color only their designated color. Do it with them! By the end of the day, you’ll have a lovely new painting to decorate the kids room.

  1. Bake a cake.

Or cookies. Or brownies. Or cupcakes. Or whatever your heart desires. Make fudge, even. Whatever you decide to make, have fun! Give the kids specific tasks like letting one kid add the eggs, one whisk all the ingredients, one keep an eye on the timer. Just enjoy being together.

  1. Do a craft.

If you are crafty, you can work on a sewing project, break out a diy project or even do something like a dmc cross stitch or crochet a scarf. My mom was an avid crocheter. She had this book that showed how to do 62 different crochet patterns. She made one square of each one using dark blue, light blue and white and was going to crochet them all together into one big afghan. Unfortunately, she passed away before she could attach them together. My aunt also crochets so I gave the squares to her, hoping she’d have time to finish it. I’m not sure she did. I need to check on that. So mom crocheted and when I was pregnant with our first child, our son, I did cross stitch. I made him a bib with Noah’s Ark on it. Mom and I would sit in the living room on rainy/snowy days and work on our projects together. I sure do miss those days with her. It reminds me of how precious life is and how little time we have with our kids.


So, there you have it. 5 rainy day activities for you and your kids. I hope we’ll all be able to slow down this fall and winter and really focus on spending time together.

What is your favorite rainy day activity or cold weather activity?

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