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Disclosure: I received a complimentary family movie night party pack including a copy of Night At The Museum: Secret of The Tomb as a Vocalpoint member. All opinions are my own and those of family members participating in our family movie night.

I absolutely love family movie night with my husband and kids. Clay and I try to do a movie night at least once per month. We usually order pizza or Chinese take-out, pop some popcorn and play a really great family-friendly movie. For March, we watched Night At The Museum Secret Of The Tomb. Thanks to Vocalpoint, we had some fun goodies to go along with it including microwave popcorn, popcorn bags downloadable activities and the cutest Flat Dexter photo prop!

Looking forward to Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb #VPMovieNight courtesy of @vocalpoint #ad

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All 4 of my kids, Clay and I LOVE the Secret Of The Museum movies. We’d seen the first two and couldn’t wait to watch the third. We put on our pj’s, ordered Chinese take-out and curled up in the family room to enjoy our family night. The movie is hilarious. Ben Stiller is so funny as both Larry Daley and Laaa. Owen Wilson is always funny. And of course it was bittersweet to watch Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt. He was an incredible actor and it is so sad to know he is gone.

Night At The Museum Secret Of The Tomb

Aside from that, the movie was great. We laughed and laughed. Clay liked Laaa, our son like, our oldest daughter liked the female security guard, our middle daughter liked Laaa , our youngest daughter loved Dexter and I just love them all! Of course, all of the kids ADORE Dexter. They chuckled at all his shenanigans, usually involving, ahem, peeing on something or someone.  Speaking of that, halfway through the movie we took a little intermission for a bathroom break. Hey! I’ve had 4 kids. I needed a potty break! 

Also, it was time to pop the popcorn! Mmmm the popcorn was super tasty.

Night At The Museum Secret Of The Tomb  

Night At The Museum Secret Of The Tomb

So we settled back in to finish the movie, bladders emptied and ready to munch. Once again we laughed our butts off. I think that out of the trilogy, Secret Of The Tomb is my favorite. It was so much fun to watch the kids enjoying themselves.

Earlier in the day, before we watched the movie, we did some of the downloadable activities. The kids had fun coloring their printable costume pieces. They were divided on which ones they liked the best. They had fun making Laaa and Dexter faces. And we had a Flat Dexter (also available in the downloads) that we took fun selfies with.

Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb

Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb

I think that having the extra goodies for pre-movie activities made the movie night even more fun. I had a ton of fun making an entire day out of it! To find a movie that my little kids and my teens love is rare. So I make sure I embed it in my memories and cherish every minute of it.

Our little Flat Dexter was just as mischievous as the real one too. He decided to stow away in our Spring Break luggage! I guess the Flat Dexter likes to travel as much as the real one does in the movie! Sneaky little bugger.  😀

Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb

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