New Caress Forever Body Wash Collection #CaressForever #12HourTechnology

Disclosure: I received complimentary samples of New Caress Forever Body Wash Collection to facilitate my review. All opinions are strictly my own and/or those of family members participating in my review. Your results may vary.

I love trying out new body washes and finding something that I fall madly in love with. That happened to me recently with the new Caress Forever Body Wash Collection. I received both fragrances and it was head over heels in love at first sniff. Seriously, I couldn’t stop smelling the bottles and couldn’t wait to hop in the shower to try them out!

Caress Forever Body Wash Collection

The Caress Forever Body Wash Collection features fine fragrance that lasts for up to 12 hours with its New Touch Technology! It took more than 25 scientists across 4 different continents to develop it. I tried it. It works. And it smells incredible!

I’ve mentioned before that due to allergies, migraines and sinus issues I have to be careful with fragrances. I can’t really use anything with heavy floral scents. The Caress Forever Body Wash Collection is heavily scented with rose but so far, I’ve not had too much problem with it. It is strong and it does last.

It is available in 2 fragrances: Caress Love Forever Body Wash and Caress Adore Forever Body Wash. Both have a fresh, clean fragrance that is reminiscent of your favorite fine perfume.  Here are the scent descriptions:

Caress Forever Body Wash Collection

Caress Love Forever Body Wash: A complex yet delicate bouquet of rich floriental sweetness blended with lush dark berries and the freshly picked Scarlet Red Rose with exact aroma of a rose that is still attached to the stem.

Caress Adore Forever Body Wash: Touches of melting honey, vanilla and amber, infused with elegant petals of Angel Face Rose that has the exact aroma of a living rose resting atop a cloud of haloed musks.

WOW. Those descriptions are incredible! And very true to scent. In the Love Forever, the berries add just a slight sweetness. It’s detectable and definitely “rose”.

The same goes for the Adore Forever. The honey, vanilla and amber blend so well with the Angel Face Rose that it is just so intoxicating. I love showering with both of these, although, the Adore Forever is my favorite once used which is strange because the Love Forever is my favorite in bottle scent. But on my skin, I prefer the Adore Forever.

The Caress Forever Body Wash Collection lathers beautifully and rinses off easily, leaving my skin soft and silky. The scent really does last all day. Each time your skin is touched, a burst of scent is released through Caress Fragrance Release Pearls™. Clay noticed. He said my skin felt great and that I smelled really nice. WOO HOO! That’s HUGE compliments coming from my handsome husband!

The Caress Forever Body Wash Collection is available at at most food, drug and mass retail stores.

SRP: $3.99 (13.5 oz)

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Have you tried any of the Caress Forever Body Wash Collection? What did you think?

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