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Disclosure: I received a complimentary Mixcups Mix of the Month 30 count subscription box to facilitate my review. All opinions are strictly my own and were formed through personal testing. Your results may vary.

Oh. My. Yum! This post is for all the die hard coffee lovers out there that like to change things up a little each time. I have found the most wonderful monthly coffee subscription service: Mixcups.


Each month  you will receive a box of 30 K-Cups. There are three of each of 10 different brands, roasts and flavors. Each month offers a new selection so it never gets boring. Some flavors are even seasonal! There’s also a Mini Mix (10 cups) and a Mega Mix (60 cups). You can also order your favorite flavors individually but, today,  I’m talking about the Mixcups Mix Of The Month subscription. Because I adore it.

Truly. I LOVE being able to receive a box of all different types of coffee. I do have a stand-by brand of coffee that Clay and I drink. But I’ve found that, as I get older, I’ve started experimenting more with different creamers and flavorings to give us a little variety. But if I’m the only one drinking a specific flavor, it gets wasted before it’s all used. I don’t want the same flavor every single day.  The price tag on that can really add up.

In my subscription box I found a flavor that I can’t live without. Mint -n- Mocha. It is so good! I don’t typically like the robust flavored coffees but I’ve found that I do like the ones in my mix. I just add a little more water to tame it some. It makes amazing iced coffee! And I would have never known about either, otherwise.


All of the coffees (or teas) are fresh and ready to be used. Just pop one in your machine, add your water, put your mug in place and brew. Then enjoy! I mentioned teas because in the monthly subscription there are different variety packs including:

  • Standard Coffee Mix
  • Non Flavored Coffee Mix
  • Tea Lovers Mix


About Mixcups:

Mixcups was launched in 2012 by coffee fanatics who were tired of drinking the same cup of joe every morning and wished for a way to try something new without having to buy boxes and boxes of coffee that went stale before they ever got used.

So, to recap, each month for $28.95, you get 30 assorted single brew coffee cups to be used in your Keurig or Keurig capable machine. It *needs* to be a machine prior to the 2.0 so it can read the K-Cups.

BUT, Mixcups says the cups in their mixes should all be 2.0 compatible by summer 2015.
The subscription box arrives packaged in a cute little pastry box that can be used to store your coffees in. This would make a wonderful gift!

Mixcups Box

Have you tried the Mixcups Mix of the Month 30 count subscription box? Would you consider using a monthly coffee subscription service?

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