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GuruNanda Essential Oils With Diffuser

I’m not sure why 2015 has been so different, but this year, I have been stressed to the max. I think part of it is because Clay has been working a lot of weekends so we haven’t really had time to just de-stress together. No time to just hang out with friends or do something fun on the weekends. Not to mention, all the work hours means I’m handling the majority of kid and household issues alone because he’s just too tired to deal with it. I’m not complaining. We can always use the income. But I’ve had to find new ways to relax. And so has he.

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I received a free sample of the GuruNanda Essential Oils with Diffuser, available at Walmart, to try out. It is an aromatherapy gift set that features two different oils (calming lavender and uplifting peppermint) and an ultrasonic diffuser with a color-changing LED light to add to the sensory experience.

GuruNanda Essential Oils With Diffuser

The GuruNanda aromatherapy starter kit comes with two 100% pure essential oils: lavender and peppermint. It is super simple to use. You just remove the lid, fill it with water to the red dot, add a couple drops of essential oil (I LOVE the peppermint), put the lid on, plug it in, push the button and you’re done! It begins diffusing almost immediately and them fragrance is incredible. I’m not a huge lavender fan since florals tend to trigger my migraines. But it’s ok. It is calming and nice. The peppermint on the other hand is amazing to me. It is so uplifting and energizing. I immediately feel happy as soon as I smell it!

GuruNanda Essential Oils With Diffuser

Ultrasonic technology breaks oils into millions of microparticles and releases them into the air, activating the therapeutic properties of their botanical ingredients and leaving the room smelling incredible. The diffuser works quite a bit like a humidifier to add moisture to the air. It is going to be much needed during the winter months when the air is dry. This will help with some of the dreaded static my hair gets each winter.

Since it creates a mist, you do need to place it somewhere that the moisture won’t cause damage. I have it on our kitchen counter, sometimes on a large wooden coaster. It works perfectly.

GuruNanda Essential Oils With Diffuser

GuruNanda Essential Oils with Diffuser would be great for:

  • Natural products and aromatherapy enthusiasts
  • Alternative beauty and wellness enthusiasts
  • A holiday party hostess gift
  • Affordable gifts/gifts under $25 (It retails for $19.99) *This item is on our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!*
  • Gifts for the home
  • DIY spa-ers
  • The woman who has everything
  • Stressed out holiday shoppers who need to wind down or reenergize
  • Stressed out MOM’S who need some calming or energizing help!

I’ve been using the GuruNanda Diffuser set daily for a week now and I’ve been more productive. I am a true believer in aromatherapy. In fact, certain products that I buy, I buy based on their fragrance and how it makes me feel. I have a specific lotion that I take on vacation with me, not only because of how it works, but also because of the fragrance. It is uplifting and sets my mood for the entire day. The same goes with this diffuser.

I have been using the peppermint essential oil during the day to keep me energized and focused and then lavender essential oil in the evenings to help me unwind and relax. It helps both Clay and myself calm down and get settled in for a good night sleep. We might not have a ton of time to spend together in the evenings but at least we can make it count.

The unit is unobtrusive. It doesn’t make a ton of noise. You just barely hear the sound of the mist. It has a color changing LED light that is also very calming and relaxing.

GuruNanda Essential Oils With Diffuser

The diffuser also has two settings. You can set it to continuous or intermittent. When filled to the red dot, it holds 1/2 cup of water (tap or bottled). In continuous mode it lasts up to 2.5 hours. In intermittent mode it can last up to 5 hours. I do wish that it had an automatic shut off when the water level reaches a certain point. It is so quiet that I forget it is on. So I set the kitchen timer to remind me to check the water level so it doesn’t go dry.

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If you’re looking for a Holiday gift that is unique and useful, check out the GuruNanda Essential Oils with Diffuser starter kit, available at Walmart November 2015!

Ahhhh, smells so nice….

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