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Spring is when most people do their big house cleaning. I like to do mine in the Spring and in the fall. I like to put away things to make room for Holiday decor. And I like to get the house nice and spiffy for guests that visit during the Holidays. Since Clay and I have been doing some basic redecorating and diy remodeling in our house, we’re kind of combining the fall cleaning with the redecorating this year. With that, our oldest daughter has caught the “redecorating bug”.

She rearranges her room several times a year but, because we rent she’s never really been able to decorate how she wants. I don’t really want to paint her room a bright color and then have to paint it back white when we move. And I don’t want to put up regular wallpaper because it is a pain in the butt to remove. But I’ve found a way for her to give her room the splash of color she wants while adding some much needed storage, functionality and organization. I can even give her some fun color and design on her walls with RoomLookz.

She’d been using LockerLookz for quite a while but it never occurred to me that they may have products for the home too! Our daughter received some complimentary samples to create her own “look” for her room in exchange for her honest opinion about them. RoomLookz has an interactive virtual room that lets you pick and choose from select products to create your room look.

Our daughter loves the color teal so she was excited to see the aqua items. She played around with the virtual room decorator for a while until she was certain which products she wanted for her bedroom. She wanted items that would work for both her vanity table as well as her desk for homework and the top of her dresser.

She started with several items that she thought would be really pretty in her room but we only picked 4 for now.


Here are the RoomLookz items she chose:

RoomLookz Room Decor

  • LED Tabletop Lamp
  • Acrylic Tabletop Caddy
  • Tape Dispenser
  • Magnetic Mirror with Stand

These items will give her room some pretty color as well as function. RoomLookz also has wallpapers. But we didn’t realize that they were peel and stick and for small areas like decorating a dresser, behind a desk, etc. So we didn’t get the wallpaper, but we both wish we had. It would have been so pretty above her dresser and her desk and would have really transformed her room into something feminine and classy.

She’s very happy with the room decor items she did choose though. The LED lamp is so pretty! It is battery operated so we don’t have to worry about cords dangling or always having it near a plug. She can put it anywhere in her room.

RoomLookz Lamp

It looks like it has small led Christmas lights that won’t put out much light. But boy was I wrong. That thing is bright! I love how much light this little lamp throws out. It casts light throughout her room. Before, she only had an overhead light for doing homework. Now, she has light that shines down on her paper, making it so much easier to see.

RoomLookz Lamp

RoomLookz Lamp

You can switch it to stay on continuously or you can set it to auto. Auto let’s it only come on when motion is detected. I love the motion sensor. She can turn it on auto and forget it. Then it will come on when she enters the room.  The base is really sturdy feeling and at 12″ tall, it is the perfect size for her vanity table, desk and dresser.

RoomLookz Lamp

RoomLookz Lamp

The tabletop caddy and tape dispenser sit nicely on her desk. She can store pens and pencils in the caddy for use with her homework. She can also use it on her vanity table for things like nail polish, make-up, make-up remover, cellphone, sunglasses, etc.. She hasn’t decided which place she wants to keep it. I’ll just have to get her another one (or two) so she can use them for everything.

She chose the refillable tape dispenser because we seem to go through a lot of tape in this family. She uses it in projects for school a lot so it will really come in handy for her. And, besides, every desk needs a tape dispenser in my opinion. Right? (I’ve got to get myself one!)

RoomLookz Tape Dispenser

We need to get some tape!

She sat the mirror on her dresser for now, using the stand. She also has a locker in her room to store her backpack and shoes. Since the mirror is magnetic, she can also hang in on there if she decides to move it. (or if the cat keeps jumping on her dresser) The mirror is a great size for putting on makeup, putting contact in, etc.. I may or may not borrow it from time to time. I love that is has a stand! The mirror is also nice and sturdy. All the items are, actually. They don’t feel like cheap plastic. They are think and well made feeling.

RoomLookz MIrror

She could have mixed and matched the colors of items between Pink/White, Aqua/White, and Black/White,. She wanted all Aqua Dot instead of a mix. There are several items she could have chosen from including:

  • Peel & Stick Wallpaper • $19.99
  • Magnetic Dry Erase Wallboard • $12.99
  • Flower Magnet • $3.99
  • Gem Magnet • $5.99
  • Magnetic Storage Bin • $5.99
  • Candy Dispenser • $19.99
  • Magnetic Mirror with stand • $5.99
  • Acrylic Tabletop Caddy • $9.99
  • Tape Dispenser • $6.99
  • LED Tabletop Lamp • $24.99

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So, the items are very affordable. I think she did a great job picking out the items that would suit her needs the best. There are still a couple of things we want to get to finish her room but so far, the few things we’ve gotten have really made a big difference. She’s happy! So mom is happy too.

What items would you choose to decorate a kids room?

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