5 Signs Your Roof Needs Repairs

When was the last time you checked the condition of your roof? Your roof is your home’s primary source of protection from the elements, and any damage it sustains can put your home at risk. Depending on the material your roof is made from, it will likely need replacing anywhere from 25- 50 years post-installation. However, even if this time isn’t close to being up, that doesn’t mean your roof can or won’t sustain damage in the meantime. Many things can damage your roof, from freak weather events to excessive pressure from being walked on to wear from birds and wildlife in your area.

This post looks at some common telltale signs that your roof might need some TLC.


Your roof shouldn’t be sagging; that goes without saying. But if you do notice your roof is starting to look like it’s sagging or opening in the middle, then this is a sign there is too much of a load in one place (i.e., a pile of debris), water damage, or a weakened structure which can happen over time. Get it checked out by a residential roofing company to make sure you are not at risk of your roof collapsing where it is sagging.

Water Leaks

Water leaks are self-explanatory; they indicate a hole in your roof where water can get through. This can be an innocuous little drip into your loft or cascades of water streaming down walls in your home. But if you notice water or wet patches where there most definitely shouldn’t be damp patches, you likely have damage to your roof, and water can get through.


A hole in your roof will let the elements in, which can cause massive problems for your home. The most noticeable sign you have a hole in your roof is through excess air entering, and you feel increased drafts. This, in turn, will increase your home’s energy usage as it tries to counteract these and up the ante to keep your home warm. Identify the area of the gap, check it out internally if you can, and then call the professionals for a proper repair to rectify the issue.


Your roof is a solid structure, so you should be able to see any light penetrating your home via the roof (windows aside). If you see rays of light inside your home that aren’t from the windows, you need to investigate, as this most definitely indicates the appearance of holes or gaps in the roof.

Blocked Gutters

External damage to your roof will cause the materials to break off, and when they are loose, they will be moved around the roof space. From here, they will either land in your garden or gutters. If your gutters are getting blocked or seem to overflow for any reason, you could have bits of your roof lodged in them, causing the problems. From here, you will need to find out where this is coming from and get any damage to your roof fixed.

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