Decorate Your Walls With MIXPIX Photo Tiles

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I love decorating our walls with our own, personal, artwork. I hang the kids artwork, photos we take on vacation and canvases we’ve had created from personal photos. Some of those pictures are of scenery and animals from our trips and some are from photos of our family and some are of the kids designs.

I, recently, learned about a new product from called MIXPIX Photo Tiles

These canvases are small blocks that are to be hung together like tiles. You can choose up to 9 photos.

CanvasDiscount Photo Tiles Canvases

I made mine with 4 photos of the Smoky Mountains that we’ve taken over the years. I chose one from each season, although some didn’t highlight the season as well as I’d hoped.

I scoured all of my photos and just couldn’t find the ones I thought I’d taken that really showed the different seasons of the same mountain. Either way, the canvases, themselves, turned out beautifully!

The ordering process is very easy. You simply upload your photos and checkout! You can choose multiple photos at a time so you’re not stuck uploading one at a time. The easiest way to do this is to have all your photos already saved into one folder. Then highlight all of them and upload them.

Once they are all uploaded, you can click on each individual picture and move it around a little to place it exactly how you want it to appear on the final canvas. Then you move on to the review page.

CanvasDiscount Photo Tiles Canvases

There is only one thing I found that I didn’t like. On the review page, I didn’t see a way to make more edits. If I decided I didn’t want a particular photo or if I wanted to change one out, I couldn’t.

CanvasDiscount Photo Tiles Canvases

I liked how it all looked on the upload screen but once I moved on and saw them all in a line, there were a couple things I wanted to change. At this point all I could do was delete the entire thing and start over.

So, that is one thing I’d point out. Make sure you are 100% happy with your choices while you are still on the upload page.

Other than that, the entire process was extremely easy.

The canvases, themselves, are beautiful. I have mine hanging in a square. The look so pretty. I like how I was able to create a block of seasons. I plan on ordering 4 more, this time with our 4 kids baby photos. These will look adorable hanging in a block!

You could do pets, kids, scenery, wildlife, sunsets/sunrise, beach photos, etc. Hang them 4×4, 3×3, offset, diagonally, in a circle or heart. Hang them in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, baby or kids room, in a camper or anywhere your heart desires! There is no limit on the things you could do with these MixPix Canvases and your walls will look incredible!

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Would you decorate your walls with MIXPIX photo tiles? Which do you prefer to decorate with, photos of people or scenery or not at all? Leave us a comment below with your favorite ways to decorate your walls.

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