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Ok guys, so for the last few weeks, I’ve been testing out a personalized skin care routine courtesy of Y’our Skin Care. I’m in love with my Y’Our Personalized Skin Care Kit!

I do have a video made but’s not syncing right so I may have to re-record it. In the video, I talk about my personalized kit as well as showing you my morning and nighttime routines and my skincare analysis quiz.

Y'Our Personalized Skincare Kit

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Before you ever place an order through Y’our, you will take a skin analysis to determine which products will be right for you. Then, when you receive your kit, it will be personalized for your skin care needs. You’ll also have a personal representative to follow up with and guide you as you proceed.

My Y'Our Skin Analysis

My skin analysis, based on my quiz, determined that I have combination skin with enlarged clogged pores, redness, and wrinkles. The goal of my skin care regimen will be to strengthen my skin’s natural barrier, unclog my pores, reduce wrinkles, and address my oil production imbalance. I have very oily skin around my nose, chin and forehead along with some dry skin on my forehead. I’m beginning to see some wrinkles and would like to combat those, as well as large pores and some redness on my cheeks. I could really benefit from a Dermal Repair Complex.

My Y'Our Recommended Products

Below the skin care analysis is a list of the ingredients recommended for your personal skin care routine. In the photo you can see a few of my recommended ingredients.

Y'Our Recommended Ingredients

They include:

  • Peptide Complex
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin E
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin A

After that, you’ll find your recommended routine and products. My recommended cleanser helps unclog pores and smooths the complexion. My day cream helps to protect and balance my skin with an SPF 30 to protect against UV damage. My antioxidant water-gel formula helps to fight wrinkles and reduce wrinkles. And my night cream is filled with vitamins and antioxidants to help boost collagen production, prevent wrinkles and minimize pores.

Here is my before and I’ll post my after in a few more weeks of using my Y’Our Skincare kit.

Y'Our Personalized Skincare Before And After

Y’Our Skin Care features:


As I mentioned, I’ve been using my personal, customized Skin care kit for a couple weeks. I really love the products that were recommended for me! My favorites are the cleanser and the day time cream with SPF 30.

Y'Our Personalized Skincare Routine Step 1

The cleanser is very gentle and has no, noticeable fragrance. it has very minimal lather but really feels like it gets in there and cleans out my pores. It rinses with no effort at all. A quick wipe with a wash cloth and it is off.

Y'Our Personalized Skincare Routine Step 2

The day time cream? OMG. I LOVE this product! It is fragrance free and so light weight I can’t even tell it’s there! It wears perfectly beneath my make-up and doesn’t cause any gunk or caking of my foundation., powder, etc. I love that I have one product that serves as, both, my day time moisturizer and my sunscreen. That’s one less step and one less product for me, which makes my morning routine so much easier and my facial skin less heavy feeling!

Y'Our Personalized Skincare Routine Step 3

Ok, the serum. This is a water-gel based serum. It is pretty light weight. There is some stickiness while applying but it seems to diminish fairly quickly as it absorbs into my skin. I love how damp it makes my face feel without running off. The water-gel is a really amazing thing!

One thing I noticed with a serums is that less is more. Too much will cause it to be sticky and not absorb as well. So, I start with 1 drop, rub it into my fingertips and apply it to my face and neck. If it isn’t enough, I then use a 2nd drop.

Y'Our Personalized Skincare Routine Step 4

The night time cream they initially sent me isn’t my favorite for my face, but I do like it for my heels. For me, personally, it is a bit heavy and slightly smothering. It smells wonderful, with a very light and clean fragrance, but I prefer a lighter weight formula for myself.

You can always contact Y’our, within the first 3 months, at no additional cost or purchase, to adjust your products, if needed. I did that for the night cream. I emailed and asked if there was a lighter weight formula, and there was! So, they sent me the lighter weight formula to try.

It is white and has no detectable scent, to me. It is very light weight and feels great on my face. It doesn’t have as many botanical ingredients so I’m not sure I’ll get the same benefits as the first cream, but so far, it is great!

I plan on using the first night cream that was sent on my heels. I used some for a few nights and it felt amazing! The skin on my feet is so soft and moisturized now so it is absolutely perfect for my feet!

Overall, I’d give this personalized skin care kit a 10 out of 10 stars! I really haven’t noticed anything that would make me deduct a point, even with the heavier night cream, which I’ll continue to use on my hands and feet.

Also, before they send the next set of products, they send out an evaluation form to see if they can make any adjustments if necessary.

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Have you taken the Y’our Skin Analysis quiz? If so, did you order your recommended products? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!

Y'our Personalized Skincare
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