Firewood Is Useful In More Ways Than Only Producing Fire And Heat

Firewood is the most popular fuel in Europe as more than half of its renewable energy comes from biomass, the modern name of firewood. People use it in various forms like pellets, briquettes and sawdust, and some countries like Finland and Poland meet almost 80% of its renewable energy demands from firewood.

For thousands of years, mankind has been utilizing firewood for several reasons because it is not only the oldest but also the most versatile materials in the world. The outstanding fuel resource though traditionally used for making fire finds several other uses. As the name signifies, wood’s identity relates closely to its ability to produce fire as evident from the firewood available from BrΓ¦nde which is a major source of fuel, but it has many other uses that you can hardly imagine. When you are using firewood in a fire pit or campfire, you can use it in many different ways to accomplish different purposes.  Moreover, different kinds of firewood are suitable for different scenarios, and as you go through this article, you will know more about the different uses of firewood.


Firewood is a significant source of heat, and for campfire, it is the only option for surviving in the wild by lighting up a fire to keep away wild animals and provide warmth in cold climates besides providing light during the night. The small fire that you start with tinder and kindling soon turns into a large fire as you put the larger logs into the fire. You can also use a fire lit tree branch as a torch and sometimes campfire can even act as a beacon or signal not only at night but also during the day when you can squelch the fire with organic green material to create smoke that billows upward and is visible from far.

Cooking during camping

Firewood is essential for cooking during camping trips, and although there are different kinds of wood to choose from, any hardwood is a good choice as it burns longer than softwood and produces more heat. It means that you can cook faster and have a good meal at the end of a hard day in the wild. Cherry, birch, oak and apple wood are the choicest hardwood that can meet your cooking needs.


Firewood is the staple choice for producing heat inside homes by using it in the fireplace because it is a cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative to other types of fuel. Throwing a few logs of wood into the fireplace will keep your home warm throughout the cold days and nights. Firewood like other biofuels is carbon dioxide neutral meaning the wood will only emit as much carbon dioxide that it has stored within during its lifetime.

Beyond fire

Even when the wood burns out completely, it remains useful in some different way. The embers and ash produced after burning wood are good for use as fertilizer in your back yard garden that enriches the tomato plants. The ash is also good for polishing metals and helps to fight pet odor.

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