NIRA Skincare Laser Review & Video: Quickly Reduce Wrinkles Around The Eye

I recently received a NIRA Skincare Laser to test and review. I won’t have my final results for a couple months, but I wanted to show you my first try using the NIRA Skincare Laser as well as give you some info on the device itself. So, here is my NIRA Skincare Laser review and video! (video below)

I received a complimentary device to test and keep. All opinions are my own and were formed through personal use. Your results may vary. I do like the NIRA Skincare Laser enough to join as an affiliate. I will earn a small commission to help offset our website costs, at no additional cost passed on to you, when you make a purchase through my link.

When I first received the NIRA Skincare laser, I was a little terrified to use it! I mean, it’s a laser that will be used around my eyes! It produces pulses of heat, so I think it was pretty natural to be a bit scared. Or a lot scared, in my case.

But, I really wanted to give it a try and see if it helps with beginning wrinkles, fine lines and the puffiness I get around my eyes. My puffiness is typically the result of seasonal allergies, but I want to see it this helps.

This is NOT my before and after. It is one provided by NIRA, but it’s the one that made me feel this may really help with the puffiness in my own eye area!

NIRA Skincare Laser Provided Before And After
Image courtesy of NIRA

This periorbital laser, works by sending a pulse of heat through the layers of skin, causing your own body to rebuild it’s natural collagen, which then plumps the skin, reducing wrinkles.

There are several levels of heat, and you start with the lowest and work your way up until you find the right heat level for you. You want to feel the warmth but not be too hot. For me, that was the lowest setting.

Also, on my right eye, I feel I could have had an even lower setting. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but I definitely felt it. I was able to go to level 2 on my left eye, but would not have been able to on my left. So you may definitely need to play with the settings, per eye.

It’s very easy to change the heat settings, though. You just push the button until it’s on the one that works for you. It only takes about a minute per eye. Not long at all for the full treatment process!

Then, you place the NIRA Skincare Laser against your skin, beneath your eye and push the button. You want to hear 2 short beeps. If there is a different sound, you didn’t have good skin contact and need to repeat. You’ll continue to do this across and then another row below that and a third row below that, depending on your treatment area. I only needed to do 2 rows and then a couple more areas in the crows feet area.

I’m not gonna lie, I was SCARED to use it at first! But I went with it and it wasn’t uncomfortable. You do, definitely, feel the warmth from it, but it doesn’t burn and it doesn’t hurt. I only experienced any sort of discomfort, once and I believe I repeated the process over the same area more than once, which was just too much on one spot.

I’ve been using it daily and haven’t had any problems, so far, with redness, dark patches, irritation or anything like that. And I’m becoming more comfortable using it and not pulling it away so quickly.

My NIRA Skincare Laser Before and After
Before and after using several times

After I do the laser treatment, I follow up with the NIRA Hyaluronic Acid Advanced Serum. It is for your entire face and neck but I prefer to use it just on the treatment area. I feel it soothes and replenishes moisture, making the eye area look even better.

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NIRA Skincare Laser

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NIRA Skincare Laser and Serum

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