Aloe Vera Skincare: Add 1 Natures Gift To Your Daily Face Routine

I’ve fallen in love with aloe vera skincare! All of my skincare creams call for using a toner before applying. I’ve been using a toner, but it seems like it’s more of an astringent, so I’ve been on the search for a new, gentler toner.

I’ve also been searching for an SPF that won’t break my face out. I had one that was part of a subscription box. I love it, but, it ran out before the rest of my kit. So, I need one to fill in when that one is empty. I’ve been hearing a lot about aloe vera skincare and have wanted to try some for myself. I found what I need at Lexli and they feature pharmaceutical grade aloe vera for ultimate moisture!

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I teamed up with the folks at Lexli to show you some of their aloe vera skincare products. I received complimentary samples to test. All opinions are my own and were formed through personal testing. Your results may vary from mine.

Lexli Aloe Vera Skincare

Lexli Aloe Vera Skincare

The toner I’ve been using is called Tone and Balance . It has a very mild fragrance and no alcohol. So, it doesn’t burn when I use it. And it doesn’t dry my skin out.

Because this toner has so much aloe vera, it can be used for many different reasons including:

  • Apply to burned or sunburned skin for soothing relief and aid in the reduction of inflammation.
  • Before the application of makeup or other skin care products, apply Tone & Balance to prime the skin .
  • Use as an aftershave to calm redness and inflammation.
  • Following the application of makeup, spritz a light mist of Tone & Balance onto face to “set” your look.
  • Use in place of body lotion following a bath or shower.
  • Helps to ease discomfort and redness associated with inflammatory skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.
  • Apply throughout the day to refresh and rehydrate the skin. (Tip: keep a bottle of Tone & Balance refrigerated for the ultimate midday pick-me-up.)
  • Apply regularly to sensitive skin or skin that is prone to acne, rosacea or eczema to help calm inflammation and redness.

I use this aloe vera skincare toner for everything! I use to remove the makeup my makeup wipe leaves behind. Then, I use it as a toner beneath my day cream and my night cream. It is perfect for using beneath another Hylauronic Acid cream or serum.

I use it to set my makeup. A tiny spritz goes a very long way. I’ve applied a little to my hands when hand sanitizer overly dried the skin on my hands. And, I plan on using it in the event of sunburn. It’s extremely versatile!

 The face cream I’m using is the Day Moisturizer with SPF 30 featuring AloeGlyC ® Complex. At first, I didn’t think I’d be able to use it because it does have a scent. Once I put it on my face… LOVE! The smell dissipates pretty quickly. It is super lightweight, and has these little Vitamin C beads that absorb instantly. They aren’t gritty and they just rub right in.

It has Hyaluronic Acid which works to absorb and lock in moisture. It also has an SPF 30 so it does exactly what I need in a day cream. I like to let it sit a few minutes and really absorb before I apply my makeup. Then, when I’m done, I give a little extra spritz of the Tone and Balance to set my makeup. I like that this has removed one additional product from my makeup bag! (setting spray)

Another benefit is the AloeGlyC ® . Here’s some info on that:

AloeGlyC® is a face exfoliator like no other. Formulated with a base of organic, pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera and glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid, this patented exfoliator features a pH similar to that of a professional chemical peel but without the risk of burn or redness.

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I’ve been using both for a couple weeks, now and haven’t had any irritation. The AloeGlyC ® Complex in the day cream keeps my face looking bright and young. I love the combination of these products. Together, they have given me a really great routine. I do still use a few products I was using before, but these have replaced several others and made for a super quick morning routine!

What are some tips you have for skincare? Do you like using Aloe Vera skincare?

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