Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines With The NIRA Pre-Black Friday Sale – 40% OFF

I’ve been using my NIRA Skincare Laser and Hyaluronic Acid for several years now. I don’t use it regularly, like I should, because I’m a bit absent minded and honestly just forget! But, when I do use it over a period of days or weeks, I begin to notice great results. I reduce wrinkles and fine lines by promoting and stimulating collagen production around my eyes (and nose and cheeks because I use mine everywhere).

NIRA Skincare Bundle

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November 18-23: Pre-Black Friday Sale (40% OFF) –
Precision Laser:
Precision Laser & Serum Bundle:

There may be some more sales as the Holidays approach, and I’ll share those with you as well. But, I wanted you to be able to get a jump on this pre Black Friday sale! That’s in case, you want to get an early start on getting your gorgeous face even better looking in time for all those Holiday gatherings and parties!

What Is The NIRA Skincare Laser?

NIRA Facts

The NIRA Precision Laser is the first & only painless at-home laser proven to reduces fine lines & wrinkles. Our technology provides visible results in just 2 minutes a day – all in the comfort of your own home!

Using the same advanced laser technology as dermatologists, the NIRA Precision Laser naturally renews skin by stimulating natural collagen production for real and lasting wrinkle reduction for a fraction of the cost of in-office visits.

How To Use Your NIRA Skincare Laser To Reduce Wrinkles And Fine Lines

  • Cleanse your face and remove all makeup
  • Power on your device and learn the reject tone – While holding the device in front of you as shown with NO direct contact with the skin, press and release the treatment button. You will hear a low-pitched beep that indicates a rejection pulse. The rejection tone indicates that the device tip did not have full contact with the skin. If you hear this tone during treatment you need to re-positions the device tip making sure there is full skin contact.
  • Find your ideal treatment level – I prefer level 1 around my eyes and level 2 around my nose.
    – Press and release the power button to adjust the the power level. Set your NIRA laser to level 1.
    – Place the device tip on the skin. Press and release the treatment button with your thumb; you will hear a series of 2 beeps.
    The first beep indicates the laser has begun firing. The second beep indicates the laser finished firing for that one spot.
    – Repeat this process and continue to increase the power level until you have reached a power level where you will feel
    warmth without pain.
  • Treatment
    – Using the chosen power level hold the device tip against the skin.
    – Press and release the treatment button while holding the device tip in place until you hear a series of 2 beeps indicating that spot has been treated successfully.
  • Hydrate – Finish treatment with NIRA’s all-natural Hyaluronic Acid Serum to lock in moisture & instantly smooth fine lines. I adore this hyaluronic acid so much! It is the ONLY one that I use because I have consistent results. Even when I’m not using my skincare laser regularly, I do use my serum! It helps my skin retain moisture and keeps it soft.

Take advantage of this PRE Black Friday Sale and save 40% off!

NIRA Holiday

November 18-23: Pre-Black Friday Sale (40% OFF) –

Precision Laser:

Precision Laser & Serum Bundle:

Have you ever used the NIRA Skincare Laser? Do you need help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines? I noticed that once I hit 40, my skin lost a ton of elasticity and collagen production. When I reached 45, it lost even more and the wrinkles have really started to show. So I need to be more diligent in using my NIRA! When I use it, I get results. So, I’m going to start keeping it right on my vanity so I will be sure to use it regularly. No more out of site and out of mid for this girl! And no more wrinkles either!

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