1950’s Inspired Holiday Hairstyle And Hairapy Tips

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It’s Christmas time! The last couple of years, my sister-in-law have decided to host Christmas at my house and serve appetizers/party foods in lieu of a big meal. We have the turkey with all the trimmings here at Thanksgiving so we like to make Christmas a little lighter so we can sit down and enjoy being with the family. It works great!

In the past, the kids, Clay and I always just wear something sort of Christmas-y looking. Red or green shirt. Cute Christmas socks. I wear blue jeans and since I’m usually in the kitchen cooking so my hair is up in a bun. We’ve had so much going on the last couple years that the festive dress just sort of went by the wayside.

This year, though, we have something fun in mind!

We are going to have a Christmas Pajama Party! We’re all going to wear Christmas themed pajamas and the girls and I are going to do a cute Christmas hairstyle. My oldest daughter has a 1950’s inspired Holiday hairstyle she wants me to do with her hair. I have a pinned up style I want since I usually do a bun anyway. We’ll also be wearing Santa hats.

It’s going to be so much fun!

Here is a photo of us trying her Holiday hairstyle before Christmas day gets here. I’ll share a photo of her finished style from Christmas day. Sorry, she didn’t want me to post the final look just yet.

I will be updating this post with her final look!  😀

1950's Inspired Holiday Hairstyle And Hairapy Tips

And here is the pinup hairstyle my daughter’s look is inspired by.

Video courtesy of Cherry Dollface

I’m feeling really festive this year and I can’t wait to do our hair in a really cute Holiday hairstyle. I’ve noticed, though, that I’m starting to get some thinning on top. My grandmother had this and so did her mom so it is hereditary in my family. I’ve found a couple ways to combat the hair loss with products and styling tips.

I was afraid that I would have to stop using my flat iron and curling irons but that might not be the case! Stylist Jill Crosby states that we can still use our favorite styling tools on our hair. Even those with heat if we go gently and use a lower heat setting. She has some ideas for “Hairapy” to keep our hair looking great, regardless of loss.

1950's Inspired Holiday Hairstyle And Hairapy Tips

“You can use all of the same tools and techniques, just with less heat and less tension. The key here is gentle. Ask your salon stylist to ease up on the heat and tension, and use a light touch with towels and hairbrushes at home.”

Jill Crosby


Along with treating my hair more gently, there are products out there that can actually help me regrow the hair that is lost. I’ve told you about minoxidil and how it helps regrow hair lost from hereditary hair loss. Jill Crosby also suggests using a product like Women’s Rogaine® 5% Minoxidil Foam if you are experiencing hereditary hair loss/thinning. And talk to your stylist if you’re concerned about your hair. They can offer suggestions of styles to cover the loss while you’re waiting for the new hair to grow in.

She states:

“Don’t be afraid to bring up any hair concerns with your stylist! We’ve heard it all – especially when it comes to thinning hair – and we’ll help you navigate the journey to hair regrowth. I personally recommend Women’s Rogaine® 5% Minoxidil Foam to my clients as an easy, over-the-counter product that works.”

Jill Crosby

It is a foam so it is fairly easy to use. Women’s Rogaine® 5% Minoxidil Foam is easy to use. Apply once daily in the morning or evening; simply dispense the product onto a non-porous surface, part hair to help maximize scalp exposure and massage it directly onto the scalp. Allow to dry before styling.

If left untreated, hair thinning can worsen over time. Women can lose approximately one-sixth of their hair density over a period of 10 years. That’s a lot of hair loss!

If you’d like to check out Women’s Rogaine® 5% Minoxidil Foam, you can find it at  Walgreens and Walgreens.com.

Suggested Retail Price: $29.99 for a two-month supply, $49.99 for a four-month supply

More Hairapy tips from Stylist Jill Crosby:

  1. Keeping the scalp clear of waxy buildup creates a better environment for hair regrowth. I recommend shampooing every other day, for every type of hair.
  2. Experiment with flipping your part to the opposite side. By adding a little texture spray to the roots you can get a new voluminous flip started. Or try a look without a defined part – sometimes with fine hair parts can expose too much scalp.
  3. For most people shorter haircuts will create the illusion of volume, whereas the longer hair gets the more it weighs itself down and looks even thinner.” An example of this would be the super on-trend “Lob” which is a longer version of the bob cut.

These tips will really come in handy for keeping our hair looking great, despite any hair loss that may occur.

I’m really excited for Christmas this year. The house is decorated. The food list is written up. Games are planned and our Christmas pj’s are bought. Now we each just have to get our Holiday hairstyle decided and down pat and we’re ready for our Christmas Pajama Party! I can’t wait!!!

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What are your Holiday plans this year? Anything festive and fun? Do you have a Holiday hairstyle to share? If so, leave me a comment below!

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