DIY Red Carpet Look Tips That Won’t Break Your Budget

Seeing celebrities walking the red carpet can fill one with admiration and even give you a slight case of envy. However, you don’t need to get upset. You don’t have to pay a small fortune to stylists and makeup artists in order to look that good. Using a few tricks listed below will help create that coveted red carpet look yourself and without breaking your budget.

Tips and Tricks for Fabulous Hairstyles


The first trick for making your hair look fit for a ball is to make it curly. Curls look fantastic all on their own, so if your style allows, you can simply wear them loose. There is a myriad of ways to curl your hair, so you’ll be able to do it easily no matter what.

If you don’t want to wear your hair loose or your dress will look better when not covered by long tresses, you can get creative. The best thing about curls is that they will make any hairstyle look chic. This means that you can put your curled locks into a messy bun or ponytail and it will look like a complicated professionally-done hairstyle. A low side bun will look particularly stunning this way and will be a great choice for almost any type of evening dress. Add a beautiful hairpin to that and you’ll look like a princess.


Another great trick to use in order to look red-carpet-ready without a stylist’s help is to put in some tape hair extensions. They are easy to use, so you can do it yourself. However, they look completely natural when adding volume and length to your hair. Therefore, you can achieve a fantastic look within minutes and without using any fancy styling tricks.

The extensions are a good choice when you want to wear your hair loose and look like a movie star. But today top-quality extensions can be styled as well. This means that you can simply use them to make your hair more voluminous or add the length you need for a complicated updo.


The final trick to keep in mind if you want to get a fancy hairstyle on a budget is braids. You need to master different types of braids and then you can make complicated updos worth being featured in magazines. Some braids, like Dutch, look fancy on their own. However, you can also easily style them and add delectable accessories, like pins and even flowers.

Red Carpet Look Makeup Tips and Tricks

Even if you aren’t a professional makeup artist, today you can master any makeup technique watching video guides on YouTube. So, all you need is time to practice before the mirror.

That said, there are a few tricks that can help you look stunning without layers of fancy makeup.

First of all, never forget about the magic of red lipstick. Make your skin smooth and perfect using a primer and a good foundation. Then, add a touch of blush, some mascara, and paint your lips red. The “femme fatale” look is achieved. The best thing about this type of makeup is that the lips are the main focus of it. You can forego eye makeup entirely. Therefore, this is a good choice for when you are short on time. It’s also the look to use if your eyeliner application is still shaky.

If you are a fair-skinned blonde, you will look stunning with a very pale dewy makeup. The trick is to create that lusciously dewy look making your skin glow with highlighter. Use pastel barely-there eyeshadows and matte lipstick so that the natural blush on your cheeks looks more attractive. The look will be truly fantastic with faux black eyelashes that stand out and draw attention to your eyes.

Of course, there is always the smokey eye, which is the go-to makeup for any fancy outing. However, if you want something more original that’s also easier to apply, you can go with using eyeliner creatively. Choose something in a bold color or go with classic black. Add a touch of fine glitter under the eyebrow and nothing else. This look is bold without being excessive. Also, it’s rather easy to do as long as you master the fine art of drawing perfect lines with eyeliner. There, you have it. These tricks seem simple. However, if you take a close look at the pictures of celebrities, you’ll see that they often use these ideas. Try them for your next big day.

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