Ducted Air Con Systems And Their Values Explained

It’s astonishing that some house owners sit day after day waiting for some cooler air to be produced. The din of an old system makes concentration difficult and can affect quality time relaxing and trying to watch a movie after a hard day’s slog at work.

These old systems even cost more money in utility bills to turn on, but there is an alternative waiting to improve lives as soon as energy-saving inverter ducted air conditioning units are fitted, but how does an aircon work?

Ducted air con systems are superb as they deliver cool air right around the house from one compressor condensing unit that sits outside the property. This is attached to a fan coil unit which is placed in a cavity inside the building. Ductwork allows the air to be sent above each room and is then dispensed through discreet outlets in the ceiling. An additional feature of this system is that advanced innovation allows it to also send out warm air during winter months so that everyone can enjoy perfect temperatures all year round.

A smart zone inverter ducted air conditioning system even allows for different temperatures in each room which is guaranteed to save energy bills when cooler air is not required. It is perfect for those with toddlers as their bedroom temperature can be set perfectly for them to get that important sleep so mum and dad can also enjoy theirs. Installation might alert a homeowner to the common types of roof repairs that may need to be carried out.

The silence provided by the ducted systems will be music to the ears of those who have them installed, while neighbours will rejoice at not having to endure the noise of an old window rattler as well as looking at old ugly units.

The good news for those in the Brisbane area is that there is a professional team waiting to fit such systems, using over 2 decades of experience. It is an outfit that can supply all the leading names in the industry.

They will carry out a site assessment of the property and take the measurements so that they know what the most suitable system will be so that it fits perfectly and unobtrusively. The experts will check out the ceiling material so that it can accommodate the grilles from where the air enters each room, while also determining the best place to locate the outdoor unit. Being in such safe hands might allow for the owners to head off to a local sports complex.

The right system will be recommended to the house owner and then the work can commence, starting with the installation of the ductwork and the setting up of the cooling systems. Thorough testing and calibration take place to ensure the system works perfectly. Support, maintenance, and best after-sales support are then provided.

The installation of a smart zone inverter ducted air conditioning system will offer complete comfort in any home while saving money on energy bills.

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