5 Signs Your Truck Could Do With A Wheel Alignment

Truck owners must take good care of their trucks to enjoy optimal performance. This means servicing the vehicle, from periodic checks to replacing engine oil, filters, and sparks on time. They also need to ensure the brake, the tire, the battery, and the suspension components are in the best condition. Wheel alignment is another vital service that some truck owners need but often overlook. Poor wheel alignment could compromise safety on the road, mainly during emergency maneuvers or adverse road conditions. Here are signs that a truck needs wheel alignment.

1. Vibration on the Steering Wheel

A misconception that most truck drivers have is that the trembling sensation or pronounced shaking on the steering wheel is part of driving the truck. The trembling often happens when driving at a certain speed or in certain conditions. However, trembling could occur when the vehicle has misaligned wheels. The shaking happens because the wheels are not pointing in the same direction, which means the vehicle is unstable. Fortunately, great semi truck service can align the wheels and prevent vibration.

2. Uneven Tire Wear

Tires have the primary purpose of sustaining all the weight of a truck and that of its load. It also transmits traction braking force and absorbs road shock. These tires can only operate effectively when they are in the best condition. That’s why truck owners need to do a routine check to check the condition of their tires and replace them as soon as they are worn out. If the tires are uneven, they should take the truck for professional wheel misalignment. Driving a truck with alignment issues could result in reduced vehicle control, long braking distances, and potential loss of grip in some situations. These issues increase the possibility of an accident.

3. Tire Pulling on One Side

When the wheels are misaligned, the tire angles are imbalanced, which means that the vehicle might pull to one side of the road. Therefore, there will be an uneven force on the tires, generating a directional force that will cause the truck to tilt. Driving trucks pulling on one side could result in reduced controls and are likely to cause an accident. Rather than drivers risking their lives and that of the passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians, they should take the truck to a repair center for wheel alignment service.

4. The Steering Does Not Rest at the Center

Truck owners should not ignore any truck problem, no matter how minor it seems. For instance, the steering wheel should be centered and straight when a truck driver moves straight on a flat surface. However, that is only possible if the wheels are aligned correctly. If that is not the case, any attempts to put the steering wheel straight will result in the tire turning slightly in one direction. In case of such issues, an experienced mechanic will inspect and fix the problem to enhance the driving experience.

5. Difficulty Steering

Truck drivers need to have an easy time when steering. This helps them react quickly to changing road conditions, potential hazards, and emergencies. It also reduces fatigue and increases the overall safety on the road. Unfortunately, that is not possible when the truck wheels are misaligned. The wheels are generally pointing in different directions, which makes it hard to steer, and that can potentially cause accidents.

Trucks need routine inspection and repairs to ensure that they work optimally. Therefore, truck owners should not ignore wheel alignment problems. However, they do not necessarily have to wait for the next scheduled service if the truck shows any of the signs mentioned above. Instead, they should take their vehicle to a repair shop immediately for timely intervention.

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