5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About An Image Resizer

It can be very frustrating when you’re on your Facebook page, and you are attempting to add a cover photo. The struggle is real when you initially add the image to discover that it looks nothing like you intended it. In fact, you realize that Facebook won’t even allow you to scale the image down through their platform so that your cover page can look exactly as you want it to. So, what do you do? There’s only one solution that is going to fix the cover page errors and correct this problem. And that’s using an awesome & free image and photo resizer.

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Forever a Noob

Noobs learn from experience. And that experience comes with time.

But not only that.

It also comes from searching online to discover just what works and what doesn’t work.

It’s trial and error. Of course, practice makes perfect. And in the end, it’ll all come down to how much dedication you have to put into this endeavor.

Furthermore, it will depend on your level of motivation to achieve your goal.

This is why when you’re a noob to the world of editing tools for digital images, trying to adjust a vision can become more than just a nuisance.

It can quickly become something that frustrates you to no end.

Typically, these frustrations arise due to the claims of an app or program that you use.

Maybe you read their claims about quality results and find out that it was more of an exaggeration than a fact.

In this post, I’m going to help you weed out the nonsense. By the end of this, you’re going to know exactly how to resize an image without losing quality online.

5 Most Common Image Resizer Mishaps and How to Fix Them

Isn’t it about time that you use an image resizer that’s true to its word? Well, then, let’s discover the 5 things that most people get wrong about an image resizer.

1) Not Knowing How to Use Image Resizer to Adjust the Image Size Correctly

Image Resizers can be pretty convenient when you use them properly. The best solution in this instance will be to find an image resizer that’s the interface is easy to use. If you are hesitant to click on and change specific settings and can’t follow the help guide, then that image resizer might not be the right one for you.

If you use a free image resizer like Promo.com, it is effortless to follow. You can simply upload the image and choose the social media platform and appropriate image size. Just a few simple clicks, and you’ll be sharing your photo the way you want to in no time flat.

2) Not Using an Online Application that Provides the Perfect Sizes for Social Media and Web

When I say the perfect sizes, I’m not just referring to the most common sizes that people adjust their images to. Moreover, I’m also talking about freeware image resizer platforms that offer you the option of being completely customizable. This way, you can scale the image to ANY size you wish. And in my opinion, that’s what makes the “Perfect Size.” This is a must if you want to produce professional-looking imagery without the risk of losing the picture’s original quality.

3) Choosing the Right Image Resizer Seems Too Good to Be True

Did you know that many platforms in the world offer an image resizer? These digital editing warriors present their absolute value when you can see that their website of photo editing tools isn’t entirely smoke & mirrors.

This is why many want to know how credible they are. That’s why we’re going to go in and remove every house of yours that doesn’t know very much about photo editing tools. However, such an image resizer will take one hard look at the actual data provided with the findings from the future of blockchain events.

So how in the world are you going to achieve this? You certainly don’t leave what you empty-handed, do you?

The solution is pretty simple. Indeed, you need a free online platform that stands by its word. Above all else, the best online image resizer is going to need a bit more of what you’re seeking to accomplish with your edits. Coincidentally, promo.com offers a free image resizer that, in my opinion, is true to their word.

 4) Think You Can Use Any Freeware Application and Still Maintain the Quality of Your Images

To have the confidence it takes to feel like you can successfully resize any image on your own will rely on the freeware applications you choose to use. Of course, every photo editing tool is going to have its perks. However, that doesn’t mean that they will all produce the same results you’re trying to achieve.

Social Media Icons - Image Resizer

5) Not Knowing the Exact Image Size You’re Looking For or If the Free Image Resizer Offers Images in That Size

When looking for the perfect image resizer, you should look for one that will resize images to the best fit for:

  • Facebook: Story, Page Cover, Event Cover, Vertical Post, Group Cover, Profile Image, Shared Image, News Feed Image, Ad (link), & Ad (Carousel)
    • Instagram: Story, Square Post, Horizontal Post, Vertical Post, Profile Image, & Photo Thumbnails.
    • Twitter: Share Image, Header, Website Card, Profile Image, In-Stream Photo, & Share Link with Image.
    • YouTube: Thumbnails, Channel Art, Banner, & Channel Icon.
    • Pinterest: Pinterest Pin, Board Cover, Large Thumbnail, Small Thumbnail, & Profile Image.
    • LinkedIn: Share Image, Linked Image, Profile Image, Personal Background, Company Background, Company Banner, Company Hero, Company Logo, & Square Logo.
    • Snapchat: Image Share
    • Email & Blog: Email Header, Blog Featured Image, & Blog Image
    • Google Drive: Medium Rectangle, Large Rectangle, Leaderboard, Half Page, Banner, Half Banner, Skyscraper, Wide Skyscraper, & Small Square.
  • The best free image resizer will allow you to adjust the size of your image without affecting the quality of your image.
  • It’s also really cool when you discover an image resizer that will provide you with a link allowing you to share with anyone, anywhere on the web instantly.

Final Word

We’re all noobs at one point or another. Hopefully, this guide to the most common faux pas we see when beginners are using an image resizer will help you start your photo editing journey. In short, that’s because using a free image and photo resizer is THE way to create the perfect sizes for ALL of your social media and web posts.

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