Rejuva Minerals Organic Lip Gloss: Moisturize Dry Winter Chapped Lips

In my quest for healthier living and cleaner products, you may remember a few months ago, me showcasing Rejuva Minerals Mega Lash Mascara? It is amazing and doesn’t irritate my eyes like most mascaras. Also, it’s EWG verified meaning it contains clean ingredients. Well, today, I’d like to also introduce you to Rejuva Minerals Organic Lip Gloss in their Rose Nude color. It. Is. GORGEOUS! It also comes in Lavender Rose color.
note: I received a complimentary sample as a thank you for posting. all opinions are my own.

Rejuva Organic Lip Gloss - Rose Nude

Rejuva Minerals Organic Lip Gloss

This tinted lip moisturizer is sheer with just a hint of color. I have a hard time using colored lip products. They tend to immediately dry my lips out causing them to peel in large chunks. It’s not pretty and, even more, painful! Typically, I can only use homemade lip balm since I can control the ingredients. I have NOT had that problem with the Rejuva Minerals Organic Tinted Lip Gloss. I’ve been able to wear lip color! YAS And it’s a tinted lip gloss! SSSSSS!

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To say I’m excited is an understatement. I’ve missed lip color! I used to wear lip stick or tinted lip gloss all the time. Then, sometime over the course of the last 5 years, my lips just couldn’t handle the ingredients. Rejuva Minerals lip gloss is different in that it is colored with minerals and plant based ingredients including beautiful crushed red rose petals and cocoa! No carmine or FD&C dyes. Add to that, it’s made with 72% organic ingredients and infused with organic peppermint oil. Y’all know I love me some essential oils!

There is a slight peppermint smell and, dare I say, chocolate? It almost smells like a Thin Mint to me! It does have cocoa powder and cocoa seed butter so that’s probably why. Either way, yum!

The peppermint oil gives it a slight cooling effect, too, which feels nice on chapped lips. The lip gloss isn’t sticky or heavy. It feels good on my lips and looks very pretty.

Rejuva Organic Lip Gloss

I LOVE the Rose Nude color. It adds just a hint of color and gorgeous gloss. There is a slight shimmer. It’s just so pretty! The color will go with any makeup or clothing colors. It looks natural, but elegant.

Tips For Gorgeous Lips:

  • Exfoliate – use a good (preferably homemade, lip scrub. Sloth off any chapped, dry skin to leave your lips fresh and smooth. My favorite uses sugar and honey along with a carrier oil and some citrus essential oils. I’ll post more on that later.
  • Moisturize: During the day, use your favorite moisturizing lip gloss like Rejuva Minerals Organic Tinted Lip Gloss
  • Moisturize: Yep, I listed it twice. For the night time, I recommend using a good, healing lip balm. This will coat your lips and provide the healing, during the night, when you’re less likely to lick your lips!
  • Hydrate: ridding your dry skin starts with getting in plenty of hydration. We hydrate from the inside out so get that water in! If you don’t like plain water, try adding some lemon or lime juice and a little sweetener, apple cider vinegar or a flavor packet. Remember, tea and coffee also counts towards our water intake but plain water works so well and won’t dehydrate you like some drinks can.

Ok, those are my tips for gorgeous lips, year round.

Talk to me. Do you wear lip color or gloss? If so, do you prefer a nude shade or a more vibrant color. Also, have you ever tried a moisturizing lip gloss?

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