5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Halloween is a magical time for most children. If you look back on when you were younger, you would likely have dressed up in something scary and gone trick or treating. Halloween is all about having fun, and while we’re currently in unprecedented times, there are lots of safe and creative ways to celebrate the occasion if you’re in quarantine. To inspire you, here are five ideas to try out.

5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Create DIY Decorations

If your kids love arts and crafts, why not create your own DIY Halloween decorations? Whether you hang paper chains around your mailbox, hang lights over your door, carve pumpkins, or create your own paper silhouettes to hang on your windows, there are tons of creative decorations your kids can make to set the scene for Halloween. Glow in the dark products are popular amongst children and also act as a useful way to teach them some science. By helping them to understand how glow in the dark works, you can get them to try out different experiments with the light to show how changes in lighting can create this glowing effect. After you’ve done some teaching on the meaning of glow in the dark, you can purchase all kinds of accessories to bring your idea to life with them.

Plan a Scary Movie Night

Whether you choose Goosebumps, Coraline, or ParaNorman, there are lots of scary films that you can put on for your kids. Hosting a scary movie night can be the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids and get in the Halloween spirit. Make sure that you sit down with your children beforehand to talk about what kinds of movies they enjoy to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you’re undecided on what movies to pick, you can check out this platform to ensure the films are age-appropriate.

Make Halloween Treats

If you’re unable to go trick or treating this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are lots of tasty Halloween treats that you can make for your little ones instead. Whether you opt for frosted cookies that resemble witch hats, make pumpkin bread, or make your own candy and caramel apples, there are lots of snacks that your kids are sure to love.

Host a Small Party

Depending on the size of your home and how many kids you have, you may want to throw a little Halloween bash. While your kids may not be able to invite their friends or go out, there are lots of creative ways to make your home look spooky. From adding cobwebs on the walls, to using glow in the dark face and body paint, the possibilities are endless. If you can’t have anyone over, you can buy an e card, signed by a group of you to send your best wishes.

Buy Halloween Costumes

Once you’ve kitted out your home with all things spooky, your kids need to look the part too. Whether they want to be a witch, a pumpkin, or a ghost, you either have the option of purchasing a ready-made outfit or you can go down the DIY route and make one yourself. While Halloween will be different this year, that’s not to say you can’t make the most out of your situation. Even if you have to stay at home with the kids, there are tons of creative and fun things you can do to ensure your little ones don’t miss out on the fun.

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