5 Winter Accessories Pet Parents Will Appreciate

With the winter season just around the corner, people prepare to gear up and protect themselves from the cold. It’s that time of the year when people sport thick coats, knitted gloves, snow boots, and warm scarves.

And to maximize these winter preparations, pet parents also prioritize providing the right winter wear for their canine companions. During this time, it’s not enough to dress pups in custom dog collars and shirts. On top of these useful items, pet parents are also looking for more appropriate pet gear for the coldest winter months.

If you’re a business owner selling pet supplies or pet-related merchandise, it’s a good idea to start offering functional and stylish winter gear for pups. Pet parents will surely be glad to find specific winter gear for their furry four-legged friends.

To know what types of cold-weather wear to offer, here are five useful pet accessories that pet owners will be happy to invest in for the winter:

Doggy Jacket

There are many types of canine jackets available on the market. To know what kind of doggy jacket you need, you must consider the size of your pup, the thickness of their body fat and fur, and in what kind of weather conditions the jacket will be used.

Smaller dogs are typically more vulnerable to cold weather. They might easily fall ill if they get wet because of playing around in the snow. Meanwhile, thin and short-haired fur babies are also particularly sensitive to the cold because they do not have as much body fat for insulation. Larger dogs, in contrast, have thick coats and more body fat which makes them less vulnerable to the cold. However, getting them a jacket will help protect them from strong winds and rain.

5 Winter Accessories Pet Parents Will Appreciate

The following are three different types of doggy jackets you can stock in your store:

Blizzard Coat

Pet parents who need to take their pup outdoors during extreme weather conditions must provide a water-resistant blizzard coat for their pup. It’s also ideal to look for a doggy coat with straps that comfortably close your pup’s sleeves to keep them extra warm.

Padded Jacket

Another option that can be used during windy and rainy weather is a padded jacket. These are windproof and water-resistant to protect pups from cold outdoor conditions.

Fleece Jacket

For pet owners that usually travel with their pups in their vehicle, a fleece jacket can do the job. This type of winter wear keeps pups warm and cozy. However, it is not ideal for lengthy outdoor walks during rainy or cold weather conditions.

Knitted Pet Scarf

Winter months spell long and chilly nights for pups. To keep them warm and cozy, pet parents can make their fur babies wear soft and thick knitted scarves. Small dogs will especially benefit from this type of winter gear as it provides extra insulation for their small bodies, making these garments perfect for when temperatures drop. Knitted scarves may also be worn outdoors on top of a jacket for added warmth. Besides keeping pups warm, knitted pet scarves also make fur babies look sharp and stylish.

Winter Booties

Another vital element of any pup’s winter gear is a pair of winter booties with durable rubber soles. This is because walking outdoors during the winter season can be harsh on a pup’s paws. Aside from the cold pavements, walking for long periods can cause ice to form under a pup’s paws.

Another problem is salt and other chemicals that are used to melt ice on the road. If pups do not wear the proper protective gear during their walks, they risk injuring their feet due to the chemical burns they may get from walking on these treated surfaces.

To prevent these problems, pet parents should make sure to get winter booties with rubber soles for their pup. It will keep their feet warm and safe throughout harsh outdoor winter walks.

Dog Paw Wax

Pet owners can provide added protection for their pup’s paws by applying non-toxic wax on their paw pads. Dog paw wax is formulated to keep ice from forming between a pup’s paws. It also repels road chemicals and salt residue that can cause painful burns. Apart from harsh snow, it also protects the pup’s paws from hot pavements and sand.

Dog paw wax is ideal for pet parents with pups that do not appreciate wearing booties during winter or occasionally enjoy digging with their bare paws in the snow. This gives pet parents peace of mind that their pup is protected even without booties.

Memory Foam Dog Bed

Pet parents might look for more suitable dog beds during winter to ensure that their fur babies can sleep soundly at night. Because temperatures significantly drop during winter nights, it’s important to provide soft and warm beds where pups can sleep comfortably.

A good option is a soft bed made with memory foam. This type of bed is also ideal for elderly canine companions that have arthritis and limited mobility. The soft bed can ease the pressure on their joints, allowing them to relax and fall comfortably asleep. Pet owners may also purchase a thick blanket for their pups to keep them extra cozy. These are just several winter accessories that pet owners will appreciate for their fur babies. These items are so popular because they not only provide warmth for pets, but are also incredibly fashionable. We hope this list helps you decide what type of pet winter gear to sell in your store.

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