Hunting Dog: Tips For Training Your New Puppy To Hunt

Every great hunting dog went through extensive training to learn the skills necessary in the field. Sure, personality and bloodlines matter when it comes to which dogs will and won’t be good hunting partners, but the right training regimen and gear play a crucial role in development, too. If you are thinking of taking your new puppy out in the field one day, these tips can help you get there safely. 

Start Young

The sooner you teach your dog the basics of hunting, the easier training will be. Introducing him to birds early on will generate interest in them and cut down on the risk of distraction. There are plenty of toys and decoys available to help with this process.

You’ll also want to get the puppy acclimated to live gunfire. Many people use a starting pistol for this purpose, but it can help to let your dog accompany you to the range to experience the sounds of shotguns up close before going into the field. 

Use the Right Gear

Trainers generally agree that you need the right gear to ensure success when teaching a puppy. In fact, when coupled with proper training techniques, the right dog training gear Canada will make your work easier. Chances are you’ll see results sooner, too. 

Be Patient

It’s been said that the best things in life are worth waiting for, and that is especially true when it comes to training a dog for any task. Your hunting dog will need to learn so much more than basic obedience. Plus, the commands you teach will need to be followed even at a sometimes significant distance. Practice patience with your pup. He won’t become a great hunting dog overnight. In fact, proper training will usually take many months.

Start training your puppy early to prepare him for the field. Use proper training techniques, the right gear and a lot of patience to achieve the best results.Β 

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