6 Cool Gift Ideas For Tesla Owners

Do you want to gift your Tesla owner friend something that they will remember forever? Go no further! Discover top-notch upgrades crafted for all Tesla models.

1. Interior Car Neon Lights

Gift the thrill of a personalized symphony of colors with light strips installed on the dashboard, console, and footrest areas. These lights can have several customization options, easily controlled through a mobile app. The user can also make them dance to the beat of their favorite music!

2. Tesla Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controllers

Make your loved ones enjoy built-in Tesla games on the go with gaming controllers. Seamlessly connecting to multiple devices, this wireless marvel supports Bluetooth connectivity with all Tesla models. These are ideal presents for those who seek excitement beyond the driver’s seat, transforming their Tesla into a gaming haven on wheels.

3. Tesla Cybertruck Model Car

Tesla Cybertruck Model Car offers nostalgic joy and a unique desk or shelf ornament, embodying the charm of a Cybertruck in a delightful miniature form. This silver truck toy comes to life with engaging lights and sounds, activating with a simple touch. It includes functional features like steering, shock-absorbing wheels, and movable doors, hood, and tailgate, it’s more than just a toy – it’s a collector’s dream. It is a delightful gift for boys aged 3 and up or car model aficionados.

4. Portable External SSD

Elevate any Tesla owner’s experience with the gift of a portable SSD. This sleek and compact device, roughly the size of a credit card, ensures fast and reliable storage for all videos recorded through multiple cameras mounted on a Tesla. These extended videos can be very helpful when any suspicious activity occurs. An SSD as a gift is especially useful to your friend if they live in areas with the highest car theft rates.

5. Tesla Steering Wheel Desk

Transform any Tesla into a mobile office or dining space with a steering wheel desk. This multi-functional tray, custom-designed for Tesla models, effortlessly attaches to the steering wheel, providing a convenient platform for a notebook, snacks, or beverages.

Perfect for those on the go, it’s portable and easily stored in the back seat pocket. Ideal for business, travel, or leisure, this desk is a thoughtful gift for Tesla owners, offering a stylish and durable solution for their in-car workspace or dining needs. Elevate their driving experience with this fashion-forward and practical accessory.

6. Wood Dashboard Cover for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

Elevate the elegance of any Tesla Model 3 or Model Y with the Hills Tesla interior dashboard coverβ€”a remarkable fusion of craftsmanship and style. Crafted from genuine wood and meticulously designed in Germany, this cover enhances the Tesla experience with its timeless aesthetic.

Say goodbye to reflections and fingerprints, thanks to its expert construction and UV protection coating. The polyurethane coating ensures resilience against water stains, while the easy-to-clean design guarantees lasting beauty. Gift Tesla owners an exquisite touch of sophistication that transforms their dashboard into a unique masterpiece.

Rounding Up

So, what is the perfect gift out of this list for a Tesla owner? The choice is yours!

Explore premium upgrades crafted for all Tesla models and elevate you and your friend’s Tesla journey.

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