6 Steps When Planning A Memorial Garden In Your Local Area

There are many reasons to create a memorial garden in a local community from grieving a well-loved local hero to helping people heal after a tragic incident. Whatever the occasion, whether it is historical or recent, a memorial garden is a nice place for people to come together and create lasting memories while feeling close to something that means something to them. Here are six steps to take when planning the process.

Pick the Perfect Location

The location is important. It should be somewhere accessible so that as many people as possible can become involved and use it when it is complete. The location must also be respectful of the surrounding environment, and not cause rifts in the community. Look for derelict plots, unused green space, and talk to local businesses about any ideas they may have too.

Planning Permission Discussions

If it is your intention to build any kind of structure within the garden, like public facilities, then you are likely to need planning permission. Factor this in, because it is the number one way to delay a project from getting started. Set up the meeting and make sure you have a professional proposal to back up what you’re putting forward.

Selecting Contractors

You are also going to need a team to help you build, design, and bring the garden to life. In order to find the right contractors, you will need to be a savvy researcher. The whole project is at risk of falling apart if the wrong people are enlisted to help, and often this type of thing requires voluntary contributions, so this is even more important.

Rallying Support from the Local Community

For the memorial garden to live up to its fullest potential, you will need to rally support from the residents in the area. Those who are emotionally invested will be easy to win over to your side, but there are always going to be barriers to overcome. Make sure you have a great mission statement, and don’t be afraid to advocate for what you’re trying to achieve.

Fundraising for Your Goal

Fundraising will be an essential part of bringing together a memorial garden for your community because you can’t make something happen without the funds to make it work. This will mean some proactive campaigning and ensuring that you really believe in the project in question so that it can become the thing you envision.

Have a Clear Focus

Fundraising will always be easier if you have a clear focus. Make sure the image of what the garden will look like is mapped up and printed out professionally so that people have something to see and include something for everyone from a quiet corner to a family space if there is enough room to work with.

Planning a memorial garden in a local area takes courage and dedication. There will be natural setbacks, but nothing is insurmountable if you apply enough practical knowledge and stay motivated. These gardens exist to honor and preserve memories, and they can be turned into completely versatile spaces with the right vision.

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