6 Ways To Find The Best Hotel Deals In Phoenix

If you are planning on a trip to Phoenix, there are several ways to find the best deal on a hotel while visiting the city. The following are six tips that will help you save money on your accommodations. Some of these tips may be more applicable to you than others, but in general, they will save you money.

6 Ways To Find The Best Hotel Deals In Phoenix

Hotel Deals In Phoenix


1.) Use a hotel comparison shopping site

This is obvious to most people, but it still needs to be included. Also known as travel sites, this type of website will allow you to compare several hotels at the same time, and choose the one that is best for you. They will usually offer details on the hotel, so you can compare other factors besides price. For example, the lowest price hotel may be too far from your destination in Phoenix, or it may not have a particular amenity that you need.

2.) Get information on hotels not included in all comparison sites

It is often a good idea to use more than one comparison site because not every hotel will be listed on every site. If you are using only one travel site, it may be that the lowest priced hotel that meets your needs is not listed on the site. By using several top travel comparison sites, you will likely see all of the deals offered by the most popular hotels in Phoenix. Also, there may be a few hotels that are not listed on any of these sites, and it is possible that they will have a good deal as well, but this type of hotel is usually found through word of mouth, so you will need to ask friends, relatives and business associates.

3.) Buy a package deal

Many of the comparison travel sites will also offer airfare ticket price comparison as well. In addition, there are often package deals that will allow you to save money by purchasing your hotel and air travel together.

4.) Look for deals for double occupancy

Many of the best deals you will find are based upon double occupancy, so if you are traveling in a group, you might consider sharing a room with a travel companion.

5.) Avoid booking at peak travel times

The greater the demand, the higher the prices will be. If possible, avoid traveling to Phoenix when school is out. This includes both spring vacation and the semester break at Christmas. Naturally, the summer will bring higher prices due to vacations in Arizona. If you cannot avoid these peak times, you will find cheaper hotel rates from Sunday to Thursday throughout the year.

6.) Check for last minute deals

This is only a good idea for those who like to take risks. Waiting until you get to Phoenix to get a room may mean saving money, but you are taking the chance that the best hotels are not already booked for the time you will be there. Also, you will need to go during off-peak times in Phoenix, and be familiar with a particular hotel’s level of business during the time you will be in the city. In short, you really need to know what you are doing.

The key to finding affordable hotels in the city is to plan ahead. Never travel anywhere on impulse. The more time you spend planning your trip, the more money you will save. This is equally true with finding accommodations at Phoenix hotels.

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