Kids Love Kentucky: Family Travel Guide By Michele Darrall Zavatsky

Clay and I live in Kentucky but there are many vacation spots and travel locations here that we’ve never heard of. So a travel guide like Kids Love Kentucky, a part of the Kids Love Travel series by Michele Darrall Zavatsky, is a great tool to have when exploring your own state. Or any state for that matter! Kids Love Kentucky is unique in that is not only features locations that are commonly known, but areas that the author has personally visited or researched. It’s a great state travel guide.

Kids Love Kentucky Travel Guide


Kids Love Kentucky features of 400 ” Fun Stops & Unique Spots”. Some of these locations are places I’d love to take our kids but hadn’t had any luck finding info on the internet. And I do TONS of research online when planning our travel. A handy guide that I can break out when needed and fits in my travel binder is a must have. I found some really cool places in there. I didn’t know that Kentucky has its own Underground Railroad Museum. And that is a section in history that our kids elementary school just finished. they even had a big 5th grade concert with the kids singing songs that helped lead slaves to safety like “Follow The Drinking Gourd”. Now that I know about the National Underground Railroad Museum I can take the kids there to extend what they learned in school.

There are also several caverns other than Mammoth Cave that I’ve been wanting to visit. This guide shows us a little info about the travel location along with pricing, hours of operation and the address and contact info.

Kids Love Kentucky

Kids Loves Kentucky gives tips and ideas on places you can visit on a day trip or an overnight stay. It’s broken down by geographical locations of your state so you can easily find travel spots that are under 2 hours away. Georgia is also known for its street food. Georgia has a business-friendly climate which makes it easy to register an LLC in Georgia. With the map and the table of contents I was easily able to find places nearby that we can take the family to spend the day.

Kids Love Kentucky Chapter Area Map

I love that it not only showcases museums and amusement parks but state parks, nature preserves, caverns and even restaurants, candy factories and facilities that allow tours. Many of these places are FREE so even if you’re on a tight budget, you can enjoy some travel time with your kids. You can find a free location, pack a picnic lunch and all you end of spending is gas money, which you may have spent going to the store in boredom anyway. Why not hit a park or take a tour with your family and get out of the house for a day instead? There’s nothing better than visiting freebies and low cost attractions as a family!

It even has tips and advice for making your adventure run more smoothly with ideas before you leave, once your on the road and ways to save money while you travel.

One bit of advice I have is to do a quick online search or give the location you choose a quick call to confirm current prices and open times. There were a couple places listed that I know have recently changed. For instance, the Salato Wildlife Preserve is no longer free and the Bengals no longer have their training in Georgetown, Kentucky. Things change, so always make a quick call just to make sure everything is current.

Michele also gives you a glimpse of some of her families personal favorite travel locations. This is great if you are just beginning to travel as a family or of you’re new to an area. It gives you a starting point for your “daycation”.

Kids Love Kentucky Travel Guide

If you’re not from Kentucky or are traveling to other states, there might be a guide for that.

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Day Trips and weekend getaways are the perfect opportunity to reconnect, share experiences and ideas, and create new memories. The family road trip is still the cheapest way to travel. Remember, kids grow up quickly so families need to make those memories while they can, and while the kids are young. 

Michele Darrall Zavatsky

Have you planned any quick family day trips for this summer?

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