PERK Vent Wrap Auto Air Fresheners @Smiley360

Being a member of Smiley360 has its “perks” like the complimentary PERK® Vent Wrap Auto Air Fresheners I recently received for review. I received 4 samples in varying fragrances along with a flying disc for the kids to toss around. PERK Vent Wraps are a little different from your typical car freshener. 

Perk Vent Wrap  

These wraps are a couple inches long and have a bit of fabric around the plastic wrap. To use them you simply snap it in place. This literally lets it wrap around one panel of your vent and can be used on vertical or horizontal vents.

Perk Vent Wrap Car Freshener

They are available in several scents. The ones I received are:

  • Absolute Zero
  • Golden Vanilla
  • New Car
  • Clean Laundry

Perk Vent Wrap Car Freshener

The first PERK® Vent Wrap Auto Air Freshener I used was the New Car scent and it smells SO GOOD! Just like a new car! The fragrance has lasted for several weeks. it wasn’t overpowering. It was nice and clean smelling. The only problem I had was with the first one. I placed it right beside the slider to the vent and when I went to remove it, it was stuck and the slider pulled some of the fabric liner off the vent wrap. I placed the next one over a panel and haven’t had any problems with it at all.

The second one I used was Absolute Zero. It also has an awesome smell. Actually, they all smell good. You can smell them a little through the packaging. 

I love how these wraps blend with our vents. They are barely noticeable but leave our car smelling fresh and clean!

Have you tried PERK® Vent Wrap Auto Air Fresheners?

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