7 Reasons Why Its Time To Start Taking Your Vitamins

While eating a healthy diet, with plenty of fruit and vegetables, can provide us with a lot of nutrients, sometimes we need that extra boost. According to the Center for Disease Control, adults should be consuming up to five cups of fruit and vegetables a day, but 76% aren’t eating enough fruit, while 87% of us aren’t eating enough veggies.

So, if you’re in the majority, taking vitamins every day can ensure that your body gets what it needs. Here are seven reasons why it’s time to start taking your vitamins:

Vitamins boost our immunity

After a horrible year, boosting our immune system is on the top of everyone’s agenda. And the easiest way to do this is by taking vitamins. The best liposomal vitamin C, D, and E are all renowned for their immune system strengthening abilities and providing our bodies with antioxidants.

They’re great for our hair

If you find your hair feeling far from silky and fresh, vitamin B3 and C are here to help. These two vitamins are great for fuller, healthier-looking hair, so you’ll be back to feeling fabulous in no time.

Vitamins help protect our eyes

As well as our hair, vitamins can protect our eyes from harmful UV light. Vitamins A, C, E, and B3 are all here to support eye health. They’ve even been proven to reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

Anti-aging gems

As we get older, our body struggles to absorb all the nutrients we need, which impacts our physical and mental health, as well as our appearance. By taking all the right vitamins, we can age elegantly and maintain healthy-looking skin and better-functioning organs.

They reduce the risk of cancer

Cancer is an incredibly painful and life-shattering illness that a high percentage of us may one day suffer from. But there is research to suggest that the risk of cancer can be reduced by living a healthy lifestyle and taking multivitamins every day. In this study, men aged 50 and above were asked to take daily multivitamins. The results show that the risk of total cancer was significantly reduced.

Better mental wellbeing

By creating a healthier daily routine and incorporating vitamins, most of us will just feel better. Vitamins can help boost energy levels, as well as reduce stress and anxiety. They can even soothe the symptoms of other mental health issues.

It’s easy

The biggest reason to take vitamins is that there isn’t much reason not to. Taking a vitamin is incredibly easy. Gummy vitamins are available for those who can’t swallow tablets, too, making them accessible for just about anyone at any age. There are so many reasons to start adding vitamins to your diet that there really is no downside. They reduce the risk of a huge array of diseases and illnesses, boost your immune system, and promote a generally healthier life. Not to mention they’re great for keeping up appearances – vitamins help with keeping our hair, eyes, skin, and nails healthy, leaving us feeling rejuvenated and confident in our skin. So what have you got to lose?

7 Reasons Why Its Time To Start Taking Your Vitamins

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