7 Tips For Decorating A Small Hallway

As the unsung heroes of our homes and the thoroughfares that link our rooms together, our hallways are the first impression guests receive when they take a step inside our houses. In fact, hallways are like the arteries of a house, pumping energy from one room to the next.

Yet, we often neglect these vital spaces and leave them bare and uninspiring. But with just a twinge of creativity, you can transform these dull spaces into vibrant havens.

Ready to flip your hallway on its head?

How to Spruce Up a Small Hallway?

Curious as to what you can do with your hallway?

Contrary to popular belief, just because you don’t spend much time there doesn’t mean you should cut corners in your decorating.

Here’s what you can do:

Hang Large Art Pieces

If you’ve lived with small hallways for a while, you probably understand how significant the smallest design element can be. So, you must be intentional with every item.

Hanging a captivating collection of large art pieces on one of the walls will instantaneously produce a focal point and a sense of drama that draws the eye and distracts from the limited space. Overall, a landscape or abstract painting is the best choice. Choose pieces that complement your style, color scheme, and theme for the best effect.

7 Tips For Decorating A Small Hallway

Create Contrast With Colors

All-white Scandinavian-inspired decor might have you believe it opens up the space, but hallways are a different beast. Namely, to manipulate the perceived size of your hallway, add contrast and create the illusion of depth and dimension.

For example, if the walls are light-colored, paint the doors and trim dark colors like dark blue or dark brown. Or, if you’re starting off with a dark base, your doors and trims can radiate with a light shade like white. Alternatively, add a bold accent wall and achieve that va-va-voom factor.

7 Tips For Decorating A Small Hallway

Don’t Skimp on Greenery

It’s no surprise that plants bring life to any space, and small hallways are no exception. So, choose a few plants to add texture and natural beauty to your hallway.

But keep in mind that if your hallway doesn’t have a lot of natural light, you’ll doom your plants to premature wilting. To combat the natural life cycle, opt for faux greenery such as artificial green wall discs that don’t require a green thumb, sunlight, or water. Plus, hanging these eye-catching pieces on your wall will complement the existing art!

7 Tips For Decorating A Small Hallway

Add a Mirror

Looking to fake your way to a spacious hallway? How about a statement mirror? Reflective surfaces create the illusion of space in any room by taking light from one area and bouncing it to another. So, grab a floor-to-ceiling mirror or add a smaller one framed with an aesthetically pleasing trim.

But before you choose a mirror, think about its exact placement. For instance, if you want to decorate the end of your hallway, you won’t be doing yourself any favors with a full-length mirror because it will give the impression that the hallway never ends.

7 Tips For Decorating A Small Hallway

Play With Lighting

The proper lighting can make the difference between a drab hallway and a cozy ambiance. In a small hallway, make the most of any natural light available without shying away from supplementing with artificial lighting. And not just any artificial lighting – but fancy flush mounts.

A wall sconce offers ambient lighting that fosters an inviting atmosphere and injects personality. But if you have tall ceilings, use this to your advantage and install a striking pendant light that draws your eyes upward and further enhances the space.

7 Tips For Decorating A Small Hallway

Throw in a Rug or Two

A hallway without a rug is like a birthday party without a cake. Since that’s not the kind of party we’d attend, why should it be the kind of hallway we’d walk through?

Rugs anchor the area and add texture by fashioning a sense of flow and guiding visitors through the space. The most common option for hallways is an intricate runner that complements the color scheme and keeps the space cohesive. And if you’re feeling brave, opt for two shorter runners for added visual interest!

7 Tips For Decorating A Small Hallway

Get Creative With Storage

But if your small hallway barely holds the essentials, where would you incorporate storage space? Why, on the walls of course!

To keep clutter at bay, add floating shelves and maximize the height. By doing so, you’ll create room for books and other trinkets. Not only is this a fantastic space-saving option, but it’s also an engaging DIY project. And if you’re not strapped for space, add a slim console table as a cradle for your keys, succulents, candles, and small lamps.

7 Tips For Decorating A Small Hallway

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