A Beginner’s Guide To Golf Rules

Golf isn’t always as easy as it looks. The game’s rules can be confusing at first, but once you get them down, the game becomes much more fun! Here are some simple golf rules for beginners that will help you understand the game better.


The game of golf has various rules regarding the use of equipment, including specifications for clubs, balls, and accessories. Understanding these rules is important, especially if you plan to become a professional player or buy golf bags, as they would also help you understand the game faster.

According to experts from Bird Golf In Phoenix one should start and finish with a small ball. The only exception is when you lose or hit the ball in a water hazard.

You should also carry a maximum of 14 clubs, but can carry less if you wish to. However, there are no regulations regarding the combination of clubs you could carry. For instance, you could carry a putter and 13 wedges.

Play During a Hole

You should not use a tee or flatten the line behind the ball when playing from the fairway. The rule is among the common mistakes that most beginners make. However, the regulations wouldn’t be a major challenge if you are keen enough about your play during the hole.

Under no circumstances should you touch the sand to check its consistency. When you find your ball trapped in bushes, it’s against the rules to move branches to clear a way to play. You shouldn’t place any item in front of the ball to assist with its direction. If you need to move a blockage, ensure not to change the ball’s position.

When hitting the ball, wait until it stops moving. If you hit a moving ball, you’ll get a penalty. You should always ensure you’re playing your ball. Playing another person’s ball could cause a double-stroke penalty. It’s best to mark your ball before the game begins, as this would make it easy to recognize.

Practice Swings

One of the most important things about playing golf is how you hit the ball. Therefore, some people prefer to take practice swings before playing the ball. There are no rules against the number of practice swings you can make. However, ensure not to delay the other players. You shouldn’t hit another ball when doing a practice swing, but shadow swing.

You should only ground the club in a fairway, but not in the bunkers. However, if the bankers have been designated as waste bunkers, you can ground the club here.

Order of Play

If you plan to become a professional golf player, this is one of the rules you need to understand well because it can affect your winnings. However, if playing in a casual setting, the rules are flexible. In a tournament, the individual with low scores tees off first. In the case of a fairway, the furthest player from the green tees off first. When playing in a casual setting, anyone ready can start the game.

The game of gold has various rules a trainer would outline during training. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about learning everything at a go.

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