5 Things To Add Into Your New Home To Make It Safer For Your Children

Children are quite curious, and they can get into anything as they try to satisfy their curiosity. Therefore, the risk of children getting into accidents at home is always rife. What you may be thinking is safe enough for adults may be a safety hazard to children.

For instance, using staircases may be safe for you, but not for toddlers who are just learning how to walk. If you have young children and you are planning on selling a house to buy a bigger one, below is a rundown of the things you should add to your new home to make it safer for children.

5 Things To Add To Your Home
  1. Smoke Alarm

Fires are a safety hazard that homeowners cannot run away from. House fires can be triggered by electrical faults, cooking accidents, and children playing with lighters, and especially with the holidays coming and Christmas lights on for hours, those can get really not and short out, possibly sparking a flame – the last thing we want is an unsafe home during the holiday season.  among other causes. For you to enhance fire safety for your children at home, it is wise to install smoke alarms in bedrooms and even outside sleeping areas. You should also test the alarms every month, replace their batteries every year, and replace the alarms themselves after every ten years.

  1. Pool Fence and Gate

If your new house has a swimming pool, the pool must be well fenced to prevent your curious children from getting to the pool on their own. You should also ensure that the pool’s gate has an alarm so that adults at home can be alerted when a child is trying to access the pool. If your home does not have a pool, it may be worth looking into installing a pool in your backyard in the upcoming months in preparation for summer. When laying plans to do this, make sure you include a pool safety gate to avoid any accidents.

  1. Electrical Safety

Electric shocks are also a leading cause of injuries and even deaths among children at home. Therefore, if you have young children, you have to do something to ensure that your electrical connections are child-proof. For instance, you should get a qualified electrician to install safety switches to cut the power off faster in order to avoid electrocution. You should also get power socket covers to prevent children from inserting metallic objects in power sockets.

  1. Glass Safety

As children play at home, it is possible for them to run into glass doors and windows and sustain serious injuries. For you to enhance your children’s safety around glass, you should apply shatter-resistance films on the door and windows of your new home. Alternatively, you can simply install safety glass in the doors and windows.

  1. Safety Guards

Falls are among the most prevalent causes of severe injuries among children of every age group. Therefore, after selling a house and buying a bigger one, there are several things you should add to your new home to prevent children from falling dangerously. For instance, you should get window guards and firmly attach them to the windows to stop your children from climbing out and falling. It is also wise to install safety guards at entries to the balconies and stairs.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that what may seem safe to adults may be a serious safety hazard to children. Although it is not possible to completely prevent children from getting in trouble at home, there are a number of things you can do to prevent the most obvious and serious injuries from occurring. Therefore, after selling your home and buying a new one, you should thoroughly check your new home for any safety hazards that could cause your curious children serious injuries and get them fixed as soon as possible.

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