Looking After Your Child’s Well-Being Following A Road Accident

Every day, there are more than 17,000 road crashes across America, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. With such a high number of accidents occurring on America’s roads, it’s likely that at one time or another you’ll be involved in a collision while your kids are in the car with you. A road accident is traumatic for everyone involved, but for kids, they can have an even greater impact, so it’s crucial that you offer the right support to them.

Seek medical assistance

Even if the road accident was a minor one and your child is displaying no obvious injuries, it’s important that you get them checked over by a medical professional. Shock can stop injuries presenting immediately, and it’s also common for children to experience internal injuries. For example, one study found that rib injuries were more likely in babies under 12 months than in older children. When injuries such as these have been confirmed, legal assistance should be sought. JJS Justice note the importance of using a firm with in-house medical experts; as well as seeking road accident claims and securing compensation for their children, this gives parents full peace of mind that all medical factors are taken into consideration. Where serious injuries have been sustained, this compensation can make all the difference to a child’s quality of life, so it should be looked into as soon as possible after a crash.

Talk about what happened

It’s best to talk to your child about the accident. However, you should keep to the facts and avoid getting emotional about the incident. You should also encourage your child to ask questions about the incident. Some children, especially younger ones, may shy away from talking about their feelings. Instead of pushing them to open up, it’s worth keeping an eye on them and looking for clues about how they’re feeling in the way they play. Many children who have been involved in a car accident will reenact the event with their toys or express their emotions in their artwork, so talking to them while they’re doing these activities can help.

Go back to your normal routine

Each year, 2.5 million injuries occur due to motor vehicle accidents. As a result, many drivers that have been in a crash will avoid driving for several weeks or even months. But, for your child’s sake, it’s best to get back to normal as soon as possible. Going out in the car and traveling your normal routes, including driving through the accident site, will demonstrate to your child that there’s nothing to be scared of. Similarly, your child should return to school as soon as possible to show them that road accidents don’t affect day to day life. However, it is worth mentioning the incident to your child’s teacher so that they can be on the lookout for any worrisome behavior.

Road accidents are highly common in America. If you’re ever in one with your children, stay calm and avoid panicking. Once you’re back home, keep an eye on your child’s behavior, and talk to and listen to your child about the incident to help them recover as quickly as possible from the trauma.

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