Baby Clothes Must-Haves For First-Time Parents

Expecting a newborn or you just got one? What a wonderful feeling you must be having! And if you’re a new parent, you’re most likely in a place of uncertainty, including doubts about the right clothing to dress your newborn in.

Well, that’s why you’re here. Every newborn is delicate and needs utmost care, and how you dress them factors into the overall care they get. This article presents 7 kinds of baby clothes every new parent should buy.

7 must-have baby clothes

1. Take-me-home

What warmer welcome can your newborn get than in a complete first-day-at-home outfit? Featuring a onesie, cap, leggings, and a nighttime outfit, a take-me-home set has every clothing piece your baby needs on their first day.

2. Burp cloths

Your newborn will often drool and spit out breast milk as they learn to feed. Instead of rushing to do laundry because all your baby clothes have been soiled, have some burp cloths on hand.

3. Onesies

Onesies are one of the most essential and most frequently worn baby clothes. You want to get many pieces in different colors and styles to keep your baby looking stylish and well-covered at all times. They come in long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless options, nothing you can’t find in a children’s boutique. Stock your baby’s wardrobe with them all as they’ll be frequently needed. The breathable fabric offers the comfort your newborn desires.

4. Sleepwear

Your newborn will spend most of their first few months sleeping and growing, so you want to ensure you stock up on enough sleepwear. Sleepwear or nighttime baby clothing should be made of soft fabric and preferably come with a zipper for an easy diaper change.

5. Socks and Shoes

Your baby can’t walk yet, but you must ensure their feet are kept as warm as possible. Do not forget the shoes and socks when you go shopping. Aside from regulating temperature, shoes and socks will complement your baby’s outfit, making them stylish and a sight to be proud of as a parent.

6. Jacket

Even though you live in warm temperate regions, you must note that your baby’s temperature can rise and fall rapidly. So, it’s advisable to always have layers, such as a jacket or blanket, especially when taking your baby outside.

7. Accessories

Aside from regular baby clothes, accessories including hats, swaddles, blankets, and bath sets are essentials you need to stock up on. Whatever your newborn wears, you would likely need to wrap your baby in a blanket when carrying them.

Remember to buy large-size baby clothes

Note that babies grow very rapidly during their first months, so it’s not surprising to see your newborn outgrowing that fancy dress after using it just twice. It would make more sense to buy a larger size as you can always roll up sleeves and pants if required.

Final note

Baby clothes can be so adorable. However, you want to ensure you’re going more for comfort than decorative features. Make sure whatever decorative elements are present do not pose a threat to your child.

Again, go for comfortable fabric that will be soothing and non-irritating to your baby’s skin.

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