Beauty Tips For Women At 20 By Aritaum

The twenties are a crucial time for self-discovery and developing good habits. After passing through the awkward teenage years, you’ve finally begun to be more secure of your strengths and accepting of your weaknesses. It’s the best time to establish a routine to take better care of your skin long term.

Your skin would go through a thousand changes as you mature, so you should start developing a regimen that caters to your skin’s needs. This entails looking for the right products that provide ample nourishment for your skin. Take care of your face in your early to late twenties to prepare for your thirties with safe and gentle Aritaum products.

Here are some things you should do in your twenties to ensure younger-looking skin even when you turn forty:

Beauty Tips by Aritaum

Protect Your Skin from UV Rays

Sun damage is one of the biggest causes of skin aging. When you’re out in the sun or getting a tan, you’re risking doing permanent damage to your face. The best tip you should follow if you don’t want to speed up the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is to apply sunscreen every day. Aside from investing in high-quality sun cream, you should also choose makeup and skincare products that contain the recommended sun protection factor (SPF) to shield your skin against the harmful radiation.

You can apply Aritaum All Day Filter Tone Up Base SPF30 PA++ before putting on a foundation to create a smooth base for your makeup while protecting it from harmful UV rays. Its lightweight formula won’t work against your sunscreen and other products that you’ll layer. Click here to check out this recommended product.

Remove Your Makeup at Night

You come home from work after a long day, and you’re tired. It can be tempting to skip washing your face after a busy day. However, it would help if you were faithful in removing your makeup before going to sleep to allow your skin to breathe and recuperate.

Koreans have a double cleanse method that ensures you remove all dirt and cosmetics from the face thoroughly. Use an oil-based makeup remover as the first step to removing your makeup gently. Afterward, wash your face with a mild water-based cleanser. You don’t need to apply treatments in your early twenties, you only need to keep your face clean before bedtime.

There will be times, though, when you’re so drained that you can’t follow this regimen. Have a bottle of Aritaum Aloe No Wash Cleansing Water on your bedside table for these moments so that you won’t have any excuses not to clean your skin.

Clean Your Makeup Tools

Your makeup brushes and beauty sponges can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so be sure to clean them and sterilize them. With that said, you should make a habit of cleaning your makeup tools regularly. Dirty brushes can irritate your skin because of the oil and dirt that stick to them. If you’ve been suffering from pimples and rashes without an apparent cause, try cleaning your makeup tools and see if it solves your existing skin problems.

Invest in an Anti-Oxidant Serum

You expose your skin to pollutants, and, as you grow older, it loses its strength to fight these irritants. Help your skin battle the harmful effects of free radicals by using anti-oxidant treatments as early as your 20s. A serum is a watery moisturizer, which means that it’s absorbed by your skin quickly. Look for a product that has one of these ingredients: vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, retinol, niacinamide, or peptides.

Healthy Lifestyle

Lastly, make sure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious food and drinking lots of water. Proper nutrition allows you to take care of the vitamins and minerals used in the skin. Adequate hydration is crucial to boosting your skin’s elasticity. Daily exercise is also an excellent way to look and feel young.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your skin in your 20s is the best step to keep that youthful glow until your 40s. You should follow these tips to start your basic skincare routine and boost your skin’s vitality, elasticity, and radiance. After all, it would help if you started making investments when you’re twenty so you can reap the benefits later on in life. Preventing skin problems is far better than fixing them once there are dark spots, wrinkles, and skin damage.

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