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When I was growing up I remember that my grandmother was always complimented on her skin and how youthful she always looked. No matter how old, she was always complimented on her skin. As a woman, I wanted that same experience so I mimicked a lot of her skin care routine and beauty tips and tried to follow it as best I could. As an adult, I’ve been told that I look younger than my actual age. (I hope that ‘s true) I suppose I inherited some good genes along the way. But a lot of it comes from my beauty routine, which I learned from my grandmother and have added to. Even with my additions, I still keep it super simple.

My #1 beauty tip? Keep your face clean with minimal product.

That’s a simple tip but one I wholeheartedly believe in. As a teenager I had acne and tried every product out there to cleanse my face. One week, I was out of product and we lived in the country so it was hard to get to the store for more. For that one week I used only soap and water on my face, scrubbing it with a wash cloth. I noticed by the end of the week that my complexion had cleared by about 50%! I tried it for another week and it didn’t get a lot clearer but it was so much better than when I was using all that product that was designed for acne. My grandmother told me that when she was a teenager, someone told her to wash her face in the morning dew to remove freckles and that she tried it for several months and her freckled lightened up. I thought that sounded a bit “out there” but figured that clean, pure water would be the healthiest way to cleanse your face. So for the next two weeks I started washing my face with ONLY a wet wash cloth, scrubbing my face, rinsing the cloth and then scrubbing again. I did this first thing in the morning and again before bed to remove makeup and daily dirt and oil. To my surprise, after two weeks my face was completely clear. No more acne! So for the last 20+ years, I’ve only washed my face with warm water and a wash cloth. On days when I wear heavy make-up I do use a make-up remover, then follow up by scrubbing with warm water. And for the last 20+ years, I’ve only had bad breakouts once per month do to hormones.

So my number 1 tip, taken from my grandmother’s habits,  is to cleanse your face with minimal product because it could be the products themselves breaking you out. Oh! And don’t wear a TON of makeup every day. I do wear basic makeup each day but I let my skin breathe and I don’t wear heavy foundations each day. Just mascara, eyeliner, a small amount of mineral makeup and some blush. Done! Then I wash it off at night.

My #2 beauty tip: Warm lemon water

This is something I’ve only recently added to my daily routine but has had a major impact. I’ve been drinking warm lemon water first thing every morning, in place of coffee. I drink it before anything else. The lemon works to help get your digestive tract going and has a load of benefits, including aiding in clearer skin. Not to mention, it’s warm and comforting while also being refreshing.

My #3 beauty tip: Sunscreen

Now, I don’t go overboard with sunscreen because my vitamin D levels are low. Sunscreen blocks harmful sun rays but it also blocks good ones that help your body product Vitamin D. So I don’t wear it every day but I DO wear it if we are going to be in the sun all day. Like when we go on vacation. We walk around Gatlinburg at least once on our vacation as well as take small hikes in the mountains and the sun is usually bright and shining. So I use makeup that has sunscreen in it. My favorite has titanium dioxide in it which is a natural form of sunscreen and I haven’t had a sunburn on my face once since using it. So no sun burn = no sun damage which = less dark spots and wrinkled on my face.

 My #4 beauty tip: Use products and that make me happy

This might seem like an odd beauty tip but it’s a good one. I use products that make me happy, either with how they work or how they smell. Use makeup colors that you love. Use fragrances that you think smell great. If you use a soap or shampoo that is stinky or doesn’t make your skin soft, you’re not going to be happy. You won’t smile, you’ll be in a bad mood and that affects your appearance as well as your attitude. So I like to use things that smell amazing like the Suave Professionals body care line I recently told you about. The Awapuhi Ginger body wash smells amazing and it puts me in a great mood that lasts all day. The body washes and lotion make my skin soft and that also make me happy, which makes me smile. So I look younger!

Walmart Suave Hub: Beauty Tips

My #5 beauty tip: A great, white smile.

Another thing I’ve recently started doing is oil pulling. You basically swish coconut (or olive) oil in your mouth for 20 minutes first thing in the morning. Then spit it in the trash and gently brush your teeth. There are a lot of touted health benefits to oil pulling and you can look that up if you’re interested. For me, the coconut oil makes my mouth feel amazing! It feels clean and fresh and my teeth are looking naturally whiter. I’ve not had any gum irritation that I had been having and I just feel better afterwards. That’s enough proof to me that it is helping in some way. I need to go to the dentist and have a checkup but aside from that the oil pulling is a great new addition to me routine.

So there you have some of my, personal, top 5 beauty tips. These are things that I do every day. They aren’t my entire routine. I also drink fresh green juice every morning. I try to eat healthier than I did a year ago. I try to get up and move more and get more exercise. I make a point to smile at least once a day. Fragrances of body lotions, candles, etc help a LOT with that because they smell great and just put me in a good mood. Aromatherapy I suppose. These things work for me and they are simple, quick and easy to do which is what you need in a successful beauty routine to help keep that youthful glow.

Walmart Suave Hub: Beauty Tips

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Walmart Suave Hub: Beauty Tips
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What are some of your personal beauty tips?

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