Give CanvasOnSale Custom Canvas Prints For The Holidays

I’ve told you all about mine and Clay’s love affair with the black bears of the Smoky Mountains and how we love to have his photos put onto canvas prints. We have a wall that we are dedicating to these canvases. It’s sort of a collage that I hope will someday have enough on there to be a focus wall in our home.

I’m not going to show you the wall, yet, though. I want to get a couple more on there so you can see where I’m going with it. I have a new canvas that I received for free as a member of USFG. That, along with a small photo blanket I also ordered are going to be Christmas gifts for Clay. So it’s not on our wall just yet.

I chose the 12″ x 8″ canvas for this particular photo. It was a black bear cub that was sitting just off the lower deck of our rental cabin. Clay was at a safe location when he took all the photos and used the zoom on his lens. We never get close to the bears. For one, it’s against the law and secondly, it’s dangerous!

So, he zoomed in on this little bear and got the perfect shot. It looks like a puppy begging for a treat!

CanvasOnSale Custom Canvas Prints

The canvas from CanvasOnSale is made with quality canvas fabric. It is wrapped around a thick, wooden frame. Even if you choose to not include a mounting bracket (we didn’t) these can be hung on the wall very easily with that frame.

CanvasOnSale Custom Canvas Prints

I like how they carry the photo all the way around the frame when it is wrapped. This gives it a 3 dimensional look and looks great hanging on the wall.

CanvasOnSale Custom Canvas Prints

Our canvas arrived fairly quickly, within a couple weeks. It did take the little blanket a few days longer to get here. I thought I was ordering a full sized photo blanket that could be used on the bed or couch. Turns out, it is small. More like a baby blanket. It will look cute tossed over the back of Clay’s recliner, though. And he can use it to keep his legs warm when he’s watching tv.

CanvasOnSale Custom Canvas Prints

I think the canvas and photo blanket, together, make a really great gift for my “super hard to by for” husband.

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