Change Your Look With 100% Human Hair Wigs

One of my dear friends, recently, asked if I new any contacts for wigs or hair extensions. Her hair grows fairly slow and she wanted to be able to change up her look from day to day. She and I figured wigs were a perfect way to do that. While I, personally, haven’t tried wigs, I know they can be fun and offer a great way to try different hair styles. She knew she wanted to search for 100% human hair wigs.

She and I did some research together and found a site that offered an adorable black bob wig. She loved that it was near shoulder length and could be pulled back if she wanted.

Donmily 1005 Human Hair Wigs and Extensions

I don’t know much about the website we found it on (Donmily), but it appears to have some pretty good quality hair pieces and wigs. I saw reading their “about” page and it says they have around 50 workers. All wigs are sewn with machine weft, tightly woven and available in different sizes.

These beautiful wigs feature the lace front that allows them to lay more naturally. They have 4 combs to help hold them in place and an elastic middle cap for more comfort. There are also adjustable straps around the base so you can tighten it for a better fit.

I feel if she wants to begin wearing wigs, those are the features she really wants to look for. Again, I’ve never, personally, worn a wig but comfort, fit, style and, most importantly, quality are the items on the top of my list.

I’m not sure if she has decided to order, but if she does, I know she’s going to rock her new hairstyles!

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