Why Human Hair Extensions Are Worth The Splurge

Human hair extensions are expensive, but they can be worth the splurge if you research. The key is to choose a stylist who specializes in hair extensions that look natural and use Remy human hair.

It’s also important to choose a transparent company about its hair suppliers and supply chain to ensure the hair is ethically sourced.

human hair extensions

They Are More Affordable

Many search the web for where to buy human hair extensions Denver, CO, and their prices. However, most stylists mentioned that it’s a little easier to find a set of human hair extensions that look amazing without breaking the bank. Check for sales and promotions at beauty supply stores and salons to score a great deal on your desired set.

To make your extensions last longer, hair stylists recommend using a heat-protecting product and regularly shampooing and conditioning your natural strands. This will help prevent tangles and damage. 

They Look Natural

Compared to synthetic hair extensions that can look shiny and fake, real human hair looks more natural. It blends seamlessly with your natural strands and has a soft, silky texture that is softer to the touch than plastic fibers.

If you want to try out a new style without investing in a permanent extension type, consider clip-ins like this set, which come in 14 natural-looking shades and feature silicone clips that prevent tugging of your hair. Or, if you prefer to wear your extensions for long periods and go for the full effect, opt for tape-in or other semi-permanent options.

They Last Longer

Human hair extensions typically last longer than synthetic hair if properly cared for. To do this, it’s important to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that won’t strip the extensions of their luscious moisture.

Another factor that affects how long your extensions last is the type of extension you choose. For example, Remy hair extensions (with the cuticles intact and aligned in the same direction) are considered the best because they stay soft and shiny for a long time.

Other options that can last up to a year include tape-in extensions and fusion extensions (which are fused to your hair with keratin). These semi-permanent styles have the added benefit of being lighter on your head, making them easier to move around.

They Are More Versatile

The biggest difference between human hair extensions and synthetic alternatives is their versatility. Most synthetic extensions cannot be styled with heat tools, so you are limited in the looks that you can achieve.

Authentic human hair, like tape-in or hand-tied hair extensions, can be styled with heat tools and other options. However, it’s essential to use a quality product to avoid any damage.

Authentic hair extensions that are made with Remy hair have a natural shine and blend seamlessly with your hair. They are also tangle-free and last much longer than other varieties. 

They Are More Comfortable

Human hair extensions don’t get the nourishing oils your natural hair does, so they’re prone to tangling, matting, and dulling if not properly cared for. Using harsh shampoos, ineffective conditioners, or too much oil can cause them to build up and clog. With a few key hair extension care tips, however, they can be as comfortable as your natural strands. Use hair hydrating products and avoid over-styling them with heat tools or a hairbrush that can transfer dirt or oil from your natural strands to the extensions.

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