RV 101: How To Choose The Right Kind Of Motorhome

Waking up in a place where you will be within walking distance from a scenic hiking destination or serene body of water is everyone’s dream. But those who live in the city can only achieve it by camping outdoors. However, sleeping in the wild may require you to sacrifice comfort unless you stay at an RV or a motorhome. If you plan to make several camping trips in the future, then investing in an RV should be part of your plan.

Tow Bars - RV 101 How To Choose The Right Kind Of Motorhome

You can use the RV as your home away from home while in the middle of the great outdoors. You may also use it to bring your car with you using tow bars for a more convenient trip. But before you visit your car dealer to buy an RV, or start searching for a used trailer for sale, here are the different types of RVs that you may choose from before reaching for your checkbook.

Class A Motorhomes

Celebrities and high profile personalities prefer this type of RV for its luxurious interiors and well-furnished rigs. These motorhomes can reach up to 45 feet long and may come with several slide outs. RV makers also equip their Class A motorhomes with top-notch appliances, complete working kitchens, and several well-appointed sleeping surfaces that can accommodate eight passengers or more. It is the perfect motorhome for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without having to deal with uncomfortable sleeping situations synonymous with camping.  

Class B Motorhomes 

Commonly referred to as camper vans or sleeper vans, this type of RV is smaller compared to the Class A motorhomes. But these vehicles are more flexible compared to the bigger RVs since owners can fix it according to their needs. It also comes with basic amenities like small kitchenettes. They also have several storage spaces where you can keep your cooking supplies and utensils, a little cooler or fridge, a sitting area that you can convert into a dining area, and a place for a makeshift bed. 

Class C Motorhomes 

This type of RV provides most of the amenities and features found in Class A motorhomes, but with a more affordable price point. You will always find it attached to the standard truck chassis, which is why those who are uncomfortable driving an RV prefer it. The majority of Class C RVs can tow any cars and trailers, as long as the owner attaches their small vehicle with sturdy tow bars. They must also check the state laws first regarding the regulations about the supplemental towed-vehicle braking system.  

Travel Trailers And Fifth Wheels

For those who are planning to own an RV but have no space for an additional large vehicle at home, they can opt to buy towable RVs like travel trailers and fifth wheels. Since you do not have to purchase a car with an engine, these cars can be the most affordable option when looking for RVs in the market. They can also provide the biggest space compared to other types of RVs since it does not require a cockpit. For this reason, owners of travel trailers and fifth wheels can enjoy more room in their motorhome when out in the wild. Owning an RV can provide a lot of perks for those who love the outdoors. It is a more convenient way to enjoy the views and sceneries outside the city without having to sleep on the hard and rocky grounds. Once you invest in an RV, you will find yourself craving for more outdoor adventures all the time.  

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