Colgate Enamel Health Saves The Day

Disclosure: I received complimentary Colgate products from by Colgate-Palmolive to facilitate my review. all opinions are strictly my own. Your results may vary.

Over the years, my teeth have gotten chipped and even begun to separate and get spaces between them. Certain foods and beverages cause a lot of sensitivity and that can make it hard to eat and drink.

Back in November, Clay and I went on an Anniversary trip to Tennessee and my teeth and gums were aggravated the entire time. I had a lot of sensitivity, making it hard to chew. There is a new extra soft toothbrush available called Colgate Sensitive. It is from the makers of Colgate Enamel Health and has a built-in-sensitivity relief pen. The pen has this amazing gel in it that works on contact to begin relieving pain and sensitivity.

Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush

The pen is pre-filled and simply snaps into the bottom of the toothbrush. I really wish I’d had this back in November! It would have saved me a lot of misery. We’re getting ready for our Spring trip and you better believe I’m taking it with me then! If I experience any problems with sensitivity, Colgate Enamel Health will save the day!

The gel is super minty tasting. It actually tastes quite a bit like mint toothpaste. The tip of the pen is rubbery with little bumps. You twist the opposite end of the pen and the gel comes out. Then you rub it on the sore area for about a minute, really massaging the gum. It doesn’t take long before you start to feel it getting numb. It goes from the cool, tingly feeling of the minty gel to numb and pain free. For me, the gel lasts several hours. I made sure I drank through a straw just to help keep from washing it away but it seemed to stay active even when I had to eat and drink.

Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush with Built-In Sensitivity Relief Pen

Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush with Built-In Sensitivity Relief Pen

The toothbrush has really soft bristles. Like other Colgate toothbrushes, the bristles are arranged in circles. I feel like the bristles really get between my gums and the brush scrubs my teeth clean. I’ve had great success with this sensitivity system!

Colgate Enamel Health

Colgate® Sensitive Toothbrush + Built-In Sensitivity Relief Pen

  • Clinically proven to relieve sensitivity directly at the source of pain with continued use
  • Specially designed with extra soft bristles for sensitive teeth and gums. Colgate’s unique Pro-Argin™ Technology, used by dental professionals, is now available to you, helping to shield exposed nerves and create a seal against sensitivity pain.

MSRP: $14.99

The other product I’ll be taking with me as well as using on a regular basis is Colgate Enamel Health Multi-Protection Toothpaste in cool mint flavor. This toothpaste helps replenish the natural calcium of your teeth to strengthen the enamel. It also polishes your teeth very gently which helps keeps the germs from sticking.

Colgate Enamel Health Multi-Protection Toothpaste

Colgate Enamel Health Multi-Protection Toothpaste

The taste of this toothpaste is very mild. You get just the slightest minty taste and no overpowering after taste. It’s very pleasant and left my teeth squeaky clean!

I’ve noticed since using the Enamel Health toothpaste for a couple of weeks, along with the Sensitive toothbrush and sensitivity relief pen, that my teeth feel stronger. I’ve not had as many problems with sensitivity and my teeth and gums feel great!

Colgate® Enamel Health™ Multi-Protection Toothpaste

  • Replenishes natural calcium for stronger, healthy enamel
  • Provides protection against enamel erosion
  • Multi-protection formula helps relieve tooth sensitivity while fighting cavities, freshening breath, whitening and protecting against enamel erosion.
  • Also available in whitening and sensitivity varieties

MSRP: $3.39 – $4.19

I adore Colgate brand toothpaste and toothbrushes. I’m glad they have new products out to strengthen and protect the enamel on my teeth as well as ones to help with occasional sensitivity! I’m looking forward to our upcoming trip, knowing I don’t have to worry about sensitive teeth!

Have you tried any of the Colgate Enamel Health products?

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