Come Help Me Pray For Gatlinburg, TN

Let us pray for Gatlinburg together. This past weekend, one of the most beautiful, serene places in America, Gatlinburg, TN,  suffered the devastating effects of forest fire. Approx 15,000 acres burned. Businesses were lost. Homes were lost. And most importantly and devastatingly, lives were lost. At this time, 4 deaths have been confirmed. 🙁

It is believed that this fire was caused by arson. Again, lives were lost and I am furious at the thought that someone may have intentionally set this fire! And even if it wasn’t intentional, there was a burn ban due to drought. NO ONE should have had an outdoor fire in those mountains!

With that said, it may not have been intentional. It may have 100% been accidental so I’m not going to let myself focus on that. What I am going to focus on is helping those who lost so much. There are folks without homes. There are folks without clothing. There are folks without necessities as simple as a toothbrush.

The outpouring of support that community is receiving is amazing! But more needs to be done and more can be done to help. If you’d like to help out, please check out the Visit Gatlinburg Facebook page for more info.

Come Help Me Pray For Gatlinburg, TN
Photo Courtesy of Visit Gatlinburg

The info Visit Gatlinburg is giving is this:

  1. Make this image your profile picture and share to help spread awareness.
  2. Donate to the #Gatlinburg Relief Fund one of four ways:

I am not affiliated with any of these links or businesses. My heart truly belongs to Gatlinburg, TN and I am simply doing my best to help spread awareness of this horrible disaster!

A couple days ago I asked you to come pray with me. I ask again for you to come help me pray for Gatlinburg #PrayForGatlinburg

Let us pray for Gatlinburg:

Heavenly Father, I ask you, today, for rain, continued cessation of fire and winds, safety and peace and comfort during this time for everyone affected by the devastating fires in and around Gatlinburg. Please continue to bring the much needed rain but please keep the mud and rock slides at bay. Heavenly Father, I ask that you will continue to be with these people as the seek to rebuild what was physically lost. Be with those who have lost loved ones and those searching for the missing. Please guide them and Bless them in all they do. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Click here for more information on how you can offer support to those affected by the devastating fires in and around Gatlinburg, TN.

There are many more places where folks can offer support, donations, etc… Visit the Knoxville CBS affiliate Local 8 (livestream) for more info on how to help. This post gives some great info:

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