Commas Save Lives. And Marriages. #marriage #funnytexts


Did you know that commas save lives. Did you also know that commas can save marriages? It’s true. They really can and do.

You may have seen the meme of “Let’s eat, Grandpa” versus Let’s eat Grandpa!”. In that occurrence, a comma did, in fact, save poor old grandpa from becoming dinner. But I’m gonna show you how a well and properly placed comma can, in fact, save a marriage.

Commas save lives and marriages

I love my husband. I really do. But his punctuation skills suck. Mine do too but, hey, I at least use punctuation. Him? Not so much. Especially when texting. I tend to blog and text the same way I talk. It might not be grammatically correct but hopefully you all get the context of what I’m saying. I like to think that my pauses in conversation, excitement through exclamation marks and smiley emoticons help show you how I’m feeling and when I’m enthusiastic about something. It might not, but in my head it does. 😀

Clay on the other hand is a single run on sentence with no capitalization, no punctuation and no dramatic effect. <— Love you, though, babe. Honestly!

So it wasn’t a huge surprise when he recently replied to a text I sent him, jokingly asking him to fake sick and ditch work on a beautiful day. It was a joke. Really. I would never really ask him to ditch. Actually I would (n’t), unless there was an emergency, because we need the money. So there!

Anyway, his reply was kind of epic. Instead of saying “I’m sorry. But I can’t. Love you.”, he replied “I’m sorry but I can’t love you.”

Wait! What? You can’t love me? After 18 years of marriage he can’t love me? WTF-roglegs?

Commas Save Lives and Marriages

Now, see, knowing how he writes a text I immediately knew what he was saying. He was sorry. He couldn’t ditch work and to conclude the text, he loved me. Got it. But at second glance it struck me that someone reading over my shoulder might have thought something entirely different. Clay’s sorry but he can’t love me. 🙁

WOW! Commas really do save marriages. And lives. Commas save lives. Love you Clay. Please don’t eat grandpa!

What’s the funniest or oddest text message you have ever received?

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