Dining Room Decor Mistakes You’re Making

The dining room can be a tricky room to furnish as the dining room comes in so many shapes and sizes. You would believe that people struggle when it comes to adding in any extra furniture other than the table and chairs. You want to be able to bring something to the space without overcrowding the space considering you have to add people to that space every single day.

You don’t want to over furnish the room and clutter it up, but you don’t want to under furnish the room so it just feels like a place to sit in silence. The dining room was supposed to be somewhere where you all enjoy a family meal together, so having custom coasters and mats in the room can be a first step to adding a little personality to it. You want your dining room to stand out for a good reason, not a poor one so here are some of the mistakes you’re making with your dining space that you could really avoid.

  • The tables and the chairs are the same material. It’s one of the biggest dining rooms you can make because you want the room to look bold and beautiful and warm. You cannot have a warm and welcoming space when everything looks the exact same. While the trends on Instagram may tell you that a fully white or black room looks great, it really doesn’t and they are only like that for the trendy photos. You want to have different materials and colors so that it feels more welcoming and inviting, so don’t buy one of those packaged deal dining suites unless you plan to personalize the chairs with new cushion covers that are different for each one.
  • Your table is the same colour as the floor. Can you imagine trying to walk through your dining room late at night after a night out with friends and crashing straight into a table because it’s the same colour as the floor? That’s exactly what’s going to happen. Ideally you want to have a different floor colour underneath your table, or you can have table legs that are a different color so that you can differentiate. Between it black metal legs on an oak floor for example helps to break up that visual monotony 
  • Your dining room rug looks too small for the table. If you are going to put a rug underneath your dining table, then make sure that it’s a large one. Some dining rooms don’t need rugs at all, and if you have children it’s always best to stay away unless you plan to take out mashed food from each fiber of your carpet. You want to be able to pull your dining chair out and sit on it without having the back legs fall off the rug or tip you over. Make sure that you are measuring your rugs properly before you buy them.
  • The table is too small. Another mistake you could be making is buying a small dining table and chair set and finding that the table is far too small for the size of the room. It’s nice to have large rooms in the home, but you don’t want to have a tiny two person table in the middle of it.You want to make sure you’re scaling your furniture correctly.

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