Download These Printable 2023 Glasses Photo Props

Want some printable 2023 glasses photo props? I’ve got some for ya!

This year was weird.

There. I said it. It. Was. Weird!

It wasn’t like 2020 or 2021. Life was a little more back to the normal of pre-2019 as far as being able to get together, travel and not wear face masks (as much). But it zipped by! I swear I’m in some sort of time bubble or groundhog day or something. I’ve been having deja-vu like you wouldn’t believe. It feels like yesterday was Dec 27 2021. Like, recalling every moment of it kind of feels. I’ve lost months out of this year. Not just days or moments but full on months. It’s so strange and I don’t like it.

The Martin Family didn’t travel much this year. We did take a summer trip, because we go with extended family and everyone helps pay, but we didn’t do any weekend getaways in the summer and fall like we used to. And Clay and I didn’t take our annual anniversary trip. We didn’t have the money so we didn’t really celebrate this year.

Money is tight for everyone. Prices are ridiculous right now and folks are barely getting by.

With that said, I wanted to give you all a gift that I give every year. I have some printable 2023 glasses photo props, for New year’s Eve, for you to print and enjoy. For free – minus the cost of your paper and ink, of course.

Each year we print these fun photo props, fire up the karaoke, set out a yummy Charcuterie board, prepare tons of party foods or order pizza. I buy some non-alcoholic sparkling cider for the kids, wine and cocktails for the adults and ring in the new year with our kids and close family. Guests are invited to throw down some air mattresses and spend the night. It’s festive, fun and safe. New Year’s Day, we’ll ring in the new year with black eyed peas and cabbage. That is a tradition my mother-in-law loves so we do it each year.

As for the photo prop glasses, I try to make a new set each year. I love having photo props for Instagram photos and parties. It adds so much fun and gets everyone in the festive mood! I hope you like them and can use them too!

2023 Glasses Photo Props

Now for your 2023 printable glasses photo props.

Click the link below to download your Β Printable 2023Glasses Photo Props! Download and print as many as you need!

They are in PDF form so just save them to your computer, open and print them, preferably on card stock like this brand from Amazon (affiliate link).

Once they’re printed, cut out the stars in the center and wrap the tab around a straw, stick, chopstick, skewer… something sturdy to use as a handle. Then just hold them up! They make great photo props to add a little something to your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day photos.

2023 Glasses Photo Props


Make sure you also print out the 2022 Printable Photo Glasses for photo props to end 2022 and ring in 2023!

How was your 2022? Was this year better than last? Are you ok? If you need a shoulder during this difficult time, leave us a comment, below, and tell us how your year has gone. We love to hear from you all and want to lend an ear/shoulder to vent if you need to.

Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy your Printable 2023 Glasses Photo Props! Be sure to tag us on Instagram @cinnamonhollow with your photos using the photo props!

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